Sum Up V. Dub

I married my college sweetheart back in 2008, giving me the initials V.W. Add onto that inspiration from the seriously funny VW commercials of 2007, and you have my blogging identity, V. Dub. Consider me a realist with a knack for optimism. I love teaching, traveling, homegrown veggies, yoga, and photography. My obsession with manatees borders on unhealthy. When there's time, I can rock home-cooked meals and keep the house spic and span. But let's be realistic--sometimes even the most organized mommas have to bust out the boxed mac and cheese or pick up dinner on the way home from work.

My video game skills are shameful, but I can build an awfully nice campfire. After many trials and many months in trying to conceive, the hubs and I were finally able to get pregnant and safely deliver our first nerd…*ahem*…our first child. Now, we balance a crazy life. The hubs wins the bread and is finishing up his MHA through online classes. I stayed at home to raise Nerd after 8 years in the classroom, but missed it so much, I decided to go back and currently teach 5th grade science and history. I'm also training to become a professional pretzel through yoga teacher training. Mojo, our mini-shepherd, hasn't embraced his role as "big brother", but loves the extra free food Nerd drops from her booster seat. I dream of one day publishing a bestseller and spending my book money on family travel.

Our little Nerd.

The hairy child, Mojo.

"Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been." --Jimmy Buffett

Me in Glacier National Park, May 2007.

My third grade class of 2008-2009. They are professional ninjas.

The hubs and me in front of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland, June 2009.


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