06 June 2014

Supreme Pita Pizza

For two years, I lived with an amazing gal named Macy. She could swing dance, get super bendy with her yoga, and she killed at charades. But I think I liked observing her culinary skills most of all because not only were her meals delicious, but they were also healthy. So I learned a few things from her in the kitchen, and Macy's pita pizzas became a favorite of mine. A few days ago, I rekindled my love affair with this easy lunch-time meal.

Here's what you need (and remember--I don't give exact measurements in my recipes):
•a whole wheat pita pocket (I like the Toufayan brand)
•pepperoni (I used uncured)
•Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced 
•1-2 garlic cloves, diced
•chopped/sliced sweet onion
•chopped/sliced bell pepper
•oregano and basil, to taste (I used the fresh stuff from our garden, but dried is fine)
•mozzarella cheese
•Parmesan cheese 

I store unused pita pockets in our fridge.

Pretty much cut up and throw on every rolling that you can fit on the pita. Cover the toppings with cheese. Bake at 400-425 degrees, depending on how brown you want your cheese to be on top. Then savor alongside a glass of ice tea.

The "before cheese" shot. See how lovely these ingredients look on the pita?

Melty, cheesy yumminess--with veggies!

I could see this meal easily being a kid favorite, and it hardly takes any time to assemble, especially since you're not making dough from scratch. It's not drowning in grease, either. And the pita crisps up nicely to give you a stable crust for handling. I don't have to cut these into smaller pieces! Hope you enjoy my take on my friends's creation. I love it when food ties into a memory!


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