23 January 2013

Write-A-Caption Wednesday

So when the hubs called to say he wouldn't be home for dinner (stupid meetings), I had to put away all the ingredients I had just laid out on the counter. I heard splashing, and this is what I found:

Exhibit A.

The super intelligent Mommy Nerd that I am gave her a paper towel to wipe herself up (because she knows how to "wipe her face"). And then this happened:

Exhibit B.

Can't wait to read the captions for Exhibits A & B. :)


Anonymous said...

A: "this is exactly how the ladies at the salon do it!"

B: "mommy always wets the towel before she wipes my face with it"

A. Hab. said...

Bahahaha!!! I'm so distracted by how cute and funny that is that I can't even think of a clever caption. I just keep hearing the Price is Right losing theme in my head "Bah-bah-bu-bah...waaaahhhh..." lol

A. Hab. said...

Thought of one:

"You're right, Mommy! It's way better with a paper towel!"


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