30 January 2013

Baby Bites: Raspberry Mint Puree with Yogurt and Quinoa

When I started introducing solids to Nerd, I couldn't wait to make her purees that featured herbs from our garden. So once we were in the "all clear" zone in testing for allergies with berries, I turned to my most proliferative herb: mint. I like putting fresh mint in my tea or water in the summer. But I quickly discovered how perfectly its flavor compliments dishes featuring berries. Before Nerd turned one, her purees of berries and mint were quite simple. Only two ingredients and served over yogurt or rice cereal. Now that she's a toddler, I've added the wonder grain quinoa. It's packed with calcium, iron, and even lysine. Nerd will eat quinoa straight up, but in case your little one isn't a fan, this combo will hide the ingredient well.

Ready to be swirled together.

  • roughly 1 cup cooked quinoa, refrigerated
  • 1 package (roughly 14 oz.) frozen raspberries, thawed (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and/or cherries would work, too--I'm just partial to raspberries)
  • 10-15 fresh mint leaves, washed
  • 1-2 tbsp honey (ONLY if your child is over 1!!!)
  • natural yogurt (I used Stonyfield's whole milk vanilla yogurt)
Dump the thawed berries, mint leaves, and honey into your blender or food processor. Either chop or blend, depending on how smooth you want your puree to be for your little one. It's ready to serve.

Note: If your baby happens to be early in the stages of food introduction, you could add the quinoa to the ingredients in the blender and run it altogether. The photo above shows it being added in its whole cooked form added separately from the puree.

Grab the 4-6 oz. storage containers you use to hold baby food. Start scooping a couple of spoonfuls or yogurt into each container, followed by similar amounts of quinoa and berry puree until you run out of something. I ran out of puree first and stored the remaining quinoa for lunches and yogurt for breakfasts. Because I liked the puree so much myself, I ended up portioning a few containers of this combo for my own eating so I wouldn't have to freeze any of these for later use. Yeah, Nerd and I have had this for breakfast together for the past couple of mornings.

The puree is good enough to serve on its own, but remember to omit the honey if your child hasn't hit the age of one yet. It would also be a great spread on bread or crackers or as an alternative to syrup if you're serving pancakes or waffles.

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