04 January 2013

Baby Bites: Avocado and Cream Cheese Rollups

Nerd used to be an eater of all-things-made-by-Mommy. Now, all she wants are crackers. Morning. Noon. Night. In the back seat of the station wagon. *sigh*

So I tried making this ridiculously easy meal for her a few days ago. Even though she wouldn't eat it without me smushing it across the top of a Ritz, it still made it into her belly. Mommy wins.

  • a flour tortilla
  • cream cheese
  • avocado slices

Seriously, this might be the easiest thing I've ever made for the Nerd. I smeared a light layer of cream cheese across the entire flour tortilla. Then I arranged some avocado slices on about a third of the cream cheese layer. Finally, I rolled it up sushi-style and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap. After a few minutes, I unwrapped it to reveal a nicely-set avocado roll that was easy enough to slice.

And like I said, the Nerd wouldn't eat it straight up, but it is easy to mold and manipulate with your fingers once cut into slices. It was perfect for topping those dern crackers!

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