18 September 2012

Nerd in the World: Month 11

Had to sneak in the sticker since she always tears it off. Jeopardy is our best distraction for such a job.

Age: 11 months
Weight: ~21 lbs.
Length: Not quite sure since we haven't been to the doc recently, but she's a tall one.
What can she do now?
  • there are 7 teeth in her little mouth
  • walk with assistance from the hands of an adult
  • adding new sounds to her "vocabulary", like "doh", "ba", and "wo"
  • climbs the stairs with no trouble whatsoever (but definitely makes Mommy's heart palpitate when she does)
  • uses walking toys to get around when crawling gets boring
  • will turn your face to the side to see what earrings you're wearing
    • pulls everything off of shelves and out of drawers
    • won't go to bed without watching Jeopardy (we have to keep it on the DVR)
    • turns the pages in a book
    • "asks" for you to read a particular book to her (pulls books off shelves until the finds the one she wants, then grunts as she gives it to you)
    • "chases" Mojo
    • claps, taps, splashes, smacks her lips, and shakes her head on command
    Celebrations from the past month:
    • How did I forget to mention our beach trip for Month 10? Mal may have dipped her toes in the Atlantic Ocean back in February, but she hadn't seen the Gulf! Michael constantly gets offers for a free three-night stay at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. So while we still had a little summer left, we took advantage of the deal and drove the nerd to the Gulf Coast. The water may have been a little murky from the Mississippi River's deposits, but we had a wonderful time helping her jump in the waves and play in the sand. It was obvious, thought, that there was nothing more entertaining in her mind than the pool. She's our water baby!
    Bathing beauty. 
    Her favorite part of the hotel room? The view from the window.
    Hey, Mom!
    Family dinner on the bay at Margaritaville.
    Night view of Biloxi.
    The Nerd was all about swimming in the hotel pool.
    Tacky tourist time!
    • I also forgot to mention the visit with an old friend... On the way to Biloxi, we stopped in Auburn, AL to see my childhood friend, Amanda (aka--A. Hab in the blogosphere). We hadn't seen each other in…uh…a lot of years. We got to meet each other's husbands and daughters over a meal of BBQ in downtown Auburn. (And it was goooooood BBQ!) Photographic evidence of our reunion was taken adjacent to Toomer's Corner before we had to be on our way. Another reunion between the mommies will have to happen again very soon.
    We danced ballet and sang in chorus together as children.
    After collecting a several college degrees each, getting married, and having babies,
    we're still great friends!
    • Play date with Patrick! This kid gets cuter every time we hang out.
    Mal: "Here's where you put the ball."
    Patrick: "That ball isn't part of the table!"
    • Kenneth turned 30! He was my stand partner in high school orchestra and is still one of my best friends. When he announced that he was coming back to Georgia from his new home in Los Angeles for his 30th, we made sure to clear the calendar. The entire night was a reunion of everyone from the high school music community.
    Jarrod, David, Kenneth, Grace, and me with Mal. The night was more than I could have asked for!
    • Mal went on her first zoo trip. My mom works for the Gwinnett County Public Library System. So when she told us that you can check out tickets to the park, we scheduled a family day trip. Mom came with us and we enjoyed an almost-free day introducing Baby Nerd to various critters from around the globe.
    The Wynnes arrive! And Nana takes their picture.

    Mal meets a goat at the petting zoo.
    • FOOTBALL!!! Baby Nerd is in training to be a Georgia Bulldawg. She may not pay attention to every game we watch on TV or listen to over the radio, but she sure does know how to wear the red and black.
    "Next year, they'll have me trained to call the dawgs!"

    A Mommy's Thoughts…On Daddy Nerd:

    Looking out of our hotel window.
    Gazing upon the waters of the Gulf.
    I didn't cry when I found out we were pregnant. I didn't cry when the doc said the baby was healthy. I didn't even cry when he told us we were having a girl. But when my husband looked me right in the eye at the 14th week of gestation and exclaimed, "I'm going to have to give her away one day...", the water works could not be contained. We were both terrified about having a daughter (pink and girl drama and training bras...*sigh*), but it was in that emotional moment that I could tell my husband was already so in love with Baby Nerd that he would rope the moon if she ever asked him to. They bonded when she was still in utero. She would bend it like Beckham into my kidneys, and Michael would tell her to quit or she was going to be grounded when she was born. He'd greet her after work every evening by placing his hands on my belly and blowing a raspberry.

    Yet, in all the years that Michael and I dated and have been married, I have never seen him shed a tear. Not at funerals. Not over someone being sick in the hospital. And never, ever during a chick flick. So it was incredibly touching when his eyes welled up when he saw his daughter enter the world. It was a fleeting moment. Had I enough time to rest my sleep-deprived lids, I might have missed it. With each day that passes, he cherishes the little things they do together, like pound on the piano keys or roll a ball back and forth to each other. He has grown to hate commercials that dive deep into the father-daughter relationship (Subaru commercial, anyone?). And God forbid you mention anything about dating or boyfriends. He desires to teach Baby Nerd that all boys are gross and unworthy. I've got $10 on Michael welling up on her wedding day.

    But my favorite daddy-daughter moments are the ones Baby Nerd doesn't realize are happening. They are the ones where I glance over at Michael, and he's completely oblivious to anything in the world but her. He is staring at her and reveling, proud of her milestones and adding to the list of things he wants to share with her as she grows.
    Travel. Growing crops. Tasting fancy cheeses. Kurt Cobain. Gordon Lightfoot. Reducing fractions. Hitting a baseball. Identifying a city skyline. Fishing. Putting together a puzzle...

     Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express.   
     Joseph Addison

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