18 March 2012

Nerd in the World: Month 5

"It's a little unsettling I'm aging so quickly…"

"How will I ever handle the stress?"

"My thumb has never let me down."

Age: 5 months
Weight: approximately 15 lbs. (can you tell the months we haven't been in for a doc's visit?)
Length: just over 25 inches
What can she do now?
  • laugh and smile at Mojo
  • roll over from tummy to back
  • roll to her side from her back
  • lift head all the way off the floor and support herself on her hands
  • did I mention she can SLEEP 11 HOURS STRAIGHT? (OK, not so much since daylight savings, but still…)
  • pull on her own hair
  • gave up her pacifier
  • eat solid foods and already has favorites: sweet potatoes, avocados, and apples/bananas
  • grab her feet and toes…and then chew on them

Celebrations from the past month:

  • I turned 30 on the Ides of March! It was a little disheartening when my students get my joke about the Ides: "Caesar? Doesn't he make salad dressing?" *sigh* But that's OK. It was still a fine day to turn 30. Several students made me cards. One brought me a brightly-iced cupcake and white chocolate-covered pretzel rings. My team bought me Chick-fil-A for breakfast. My Facebook wall blew up with well wishes. But the best surprise of the day? The vase of green and white flowers sent to my classroom by my husband. Mums, snapdragons, carnations, ferns, lilies…he always knows how to wow me with flowers, especially since I have no love for roses.
40 shades of green? I think so.
  • Michael and I had our second sans baby date. Of course, it was to celebrate the above-mentioned birthday. We left Mal with the next-door neighbors for their first nerd-sitting experience (little did we know she would give them a hard time with the break in her routine…soooo embarrassing…). But while we were on the date, we had a good time. We patronized an Athens locavore restaurant known as Farm 255. It was worth the splurge with its cheese board appetizer, braised pork belly and fried bone marrow, pepper jelly wing tips, hushpuppies in honey, farm salad, white wine, and 12-year-old Scotch. Oh, and we dined outdoors next to their giant pots of rosemary, oregano, and bulb flowers. So minus the coming home to exhausted neighbors who probably hope we don't go on another date until Mal is at least 13, it was the perfect way to celebrate my 30th.
  • Our friends, Charles and Lila, were due to have their first baby today. But since we haven't heard any news, we're assuming their induction for tomorrow morning will go on as scheduled by their doc. We can't wait to meet their little girl, Ava!
  • We celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday with Katy and Ryan, the parents of Mal's future husband, Patrick. OK, so I know we sound a little loco when we talk of marrying off our babies, but I'm just so darn happy that Katy and I went through our pregnancies at the same time and give birth only 3 weeks apart. The party and the food were awesome, but the fact that we're celebrating the Irish holiday with our babies just made it that much more memorable.
Fertility friends with the little ones. Gotta love a story with an ending as happy as this one.
    A mother's thoughts from this month:
    I finally broke down and bought my first pair of post-pregnancy pants today. It hasn't been fun wearing my maternity slacks to work almost every day when I'm no longer hauling a bulging belly. But with my hips having a little more real estate between them since my once-pregnant belly forced them to relocate, it would require a miracle (and possibly a little Crisco) to get into my former slacks. I know I bragged about being able to zip up my pre-pregnancy jeans just 2 months after giving birth, but that's only true of 2 of the 5 pairs I own…and it comes with the dreaded "muffin top". So the pair of pants I bought today were a size I'm not used to purchasing, and griping to the hubs about my fitting room angst didn't exactly get me any sympathy: "You know, women would kill to be your size." I'm finding that to be true. I can't mention my desire to lose 10-15 pounds to girlfriends, co-workers, or even my mother without an eye roll. Yeah, I'm learning that skinny girls get no love when they are experiencing their first midsection pudge or bra overhang back-fat. It's in our nature to seek sympathy from our loved ones when having to adapt to life changes or things that make us feel less confident about ourselves. I'm a new mom. New moms have new shapes. My new shape won't let me wear half the things in my closet, and I spend more energy pinning ab-blasting work-out ideas on Pinterest than actually trying them. I know others have gone through it (or are currently), so just a little validation is all this gal would like. I'll even accept pretend sympathy. After that, you can roll eyes at me all you want and make fun of my complaining, and I'll try to learn to keep my thoughts about my soft center to myself.

    Michael wanted to give her a Milkbone for her teething fussiness. I gave her a Baby Mum Mum.
    Looking up at Mommy.
    A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.  ~Author Unknown

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    Em said...

    She just keeps getting cuter. I didn't know she could.


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