18 January 2012

Nerd in the World: Month Three

Enjoying the new rocking chair cushions from our crafty friend, Lila.

"Wow, these leg warmers make we wanna dance!"

Almost as long as her changing table.

Age: 3 months
Weight: almost 13 lbs.
Length: ~24 in.
What can she do now?
  • smile with her entire face, especially when she sees Mommy or Daddy
  • kicks and wiggles arms when she's happy (getting a new diaper, seeing one of us, playing on her floor gym, etc.)
  • tries to punch dangling toys on the arch of the floor gym
  • grasps toys, like a rattle or toy links
  • coos more than ever and is making attempts to move her sounds to the front of her mouth
  • notices objects from far away, like the ceiling fan, the TV, and someone walking into the room
  • recognizes faces in the mirror
Celebrations from the past month:

  • We survived our first long car ride. On Christmas Eve, we drove to Cochran, GA, which takes approximately 3 hours one way. Mallory did extremely well in the car on the way down. She slept most of the way next to Michael, who had just pulled a 12-hour shift at the hospital the night before. They were adorable to watch in the rearview. On the way back, we decided to stop for dinner at the only restaurant that was open--Pizza Hut. Mal slept through dinner, but was ready to eat as we were leaving. I fed her in the back seat of the VW in the Pizza Hut parking lot. Super classy night.
  • I ordered our first set of cloth diapers and can't wait to start. So glad Christina, our sitter, is familiar with cloth diapering. She's taught me a lot and is all about continuing the practice with Mallory!
  • I went back to work…and I didn't die.
Dorky Mommy Moment (DMM):
There are several, but my favorite has been singing the Hokey Pokey during diaper changes. It's not too early to teach Mal the difference between left and right! ;)

    A mother's thoughts from this month:
    I'll never get everything "done" now that I'm a working mom, and that's a concept that is incredibly difficult for my OCD personality to handle. Dishes are always in the sink, and clothes are always waiting to be folded. And my blog is seeing me less and less. Even the book I'm writing is taking a bit of a backseat, so I'll have to spend my weekends and long breaks from work to make strides in completing its chapters. But I'm having to learn to just let go of some of the things that normally irritate me about a messy house. Mallory gets all of our free attention, and the clothes will just have to wait another day…or until she goes to bed. ;)
    She sleeps so peacefully.


    A. Hab. said...

    Okay, I'm dying--those pictures were all just too adorable! The expression on Mallory's face in the first picture is hilarious. She looks so confident in that picture! :)

    I think I've asked you this before, but what kind of camera do you have? I'm in desperate need of a DSLR, but I just can't decide...not to mention I need to scrape together the dough. I would love to have it in time for Mel's arrival, but that's looking unlikely at this point, lol. I have just always loved the quality of the photos you've posted on your blog--they're so beautiful, and the way you play the aperture is genius. (Like the one where you focused on the words and image of Mallory's onesie. Gorgeous!)

    Jen Stanton said...

    Mallory is just so freaking cute! I was wondering the same thing that A.Hab was. What kind of camera do you use? The shots of Mallory are amazing. Then again, with the adorable subject matter, how could they not be? :-D I have a simple point and shoot right now but I've been thinking of upgrading for awhile.

    V-Dub said...

    Thanks, ladies! I want to take a photography class so badly, but the schedule is a little crazy… Anyway, the camera I use is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I sold my Sony SLR to get the Canon. Love the quality of the images it takes, and it's fun to change out the lenses for shooting at different distances. Hope this inspires you to start shopping!

    A. Hab. said...

    How perfect! That's exactly the camera I've been looking at! Maybe I can show Robert your photos and convince him that we need this camera, too. ;)

    Rachael said...

    Hey!! Do NOT want to alarm you AT ALL but at her 4 month visit ask the dr about torticollis. Macy had it- and some of your pictures of Mallory remind me of pictures of Macy at her age. I would kick myself if I didn't mention it to you- I'm sure it's nothing!!

    V-Dub said...

    Thanks for a heads-up, Rachael! What should I be looking for as far as symptoms are concerned? Her 4 month appointment is only a few weeks away, so I'll try to remember to ask the doc more about it.


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