18 December 2011

Nerd in the World Project: Month Two

"I can smile now!  Get ready for me to ham it up!"

Proof that stripes and polka dots can go together.

How many chins can you count?

Age: 2 months
Weight: 12+ lbs. (That's right--she's put on more than HALF her birth weight!)
Length: 22 in.
What can she do now?

  • focus on face or an object and track it as it moves
  • SMILE! (this is my favorite new development)
  • coo (this is my second favorite)
  • sleep 6+ hours
  • sleep in her crib
  • lift head off ground and turn it once lifted
  • lift legs off ground while on tummy
  • respond to a sound by looking toward it (or jolting if it's loud enough)
Celebrations from the past month:

  • We had another play date with Patrick.  It's so fun to watch them grow together.
"And I punch you in the face!"
  • We hosted a Christmas dinner at our house with Michael's family.  We ate roasted chicken and crab cakes, opened gifts, and passed the baby around.
  • Our friends Lee and Jenna Lea announced their pregnancy!  They are due on 31 May 2012, which is our 4-year anniversary.
  • Friends of mine from elementary school on up through graduation, David and Leanne, announced their pregnancy, too.  They are due in June.

Dorky Mommy Moment (DMM):
When Mallory stared in amazement at my black tank top the other morning, I stopped to explain to her the difference between black and white as pigments.  Then I explained the difference between them in terms of light.  I couldn't help myself.

    A mother's thoughts from this month:
    It's amazing how much changes in just two months post-partum.  Your body is no longer swollen or in pain.  Your baby's newborn wrinkles have smoothed.  Your daily routine has started taking shape.  Although, you consider yourself lucky when you get the chance to brush your teeth or find the courage to take your baby to a venue that scares you…like Wal-Mart.  But that is what the super cool car seat canopy is for: to keep over her so that strangers won't put their nasty fingers near your baby's face.

    But two months?  Holy moly, has it really been that long already?  I've been fortunate enough to have had every waking moment with our little Mallory.  That's what 8 weeks of maternity leave and 3 weeks of holiday vacation will do for you.  I get to see her hit the developmental milestones (and then text Michael at work when she does).  I take mental note of what shows up in her diapers.  I prepare all of her bottles and take charge of all costume changes.  And when you fall into some semblance of a routine, you start to forget some of those day-to-day moments, those brief instances from the first few days of being a new parent where you could not stop staring at your baby.  Making wishes for her future.  Mapping the bright blue veins on her scalp.  Counting and recounting her toes.  Whispering the secret to happiness in her ear.  While it's somewhat unfortunate to have lost such moments to an already overcrowded memory, I'm grateful for the memories that I can recall and for photographic evidence of our little girl's growth.

    Wish us luck on Monday.  Mallory goes to the pediatrician for her first shots.  Not too excited about those!

    "A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."
    Carl Sandburg

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    A. Hab. said...

    Now that I'm officially 8-months pregnant, I seem to be crying all the time. And this post choked me up, Vik, I'm not gonna lie. :) It was that last paragraph. Phew.

    I am so happy that Mallory is reaching such great milestones--and she has just a beautiful smile! It's catching! I hope you guys get to see it loads and loads over the years. :)

    Happy belated 2 months to Mallory! She just gets more and more beautiful every day.


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