18 November 2011

Nerd in the World Project: Month One!

"What's this? Mommy put a bow on my head?"

I cannot believe an entire month has passed since I gave birth to this little miracle.  She is so awesome.

Sticking out her tongue at me.  Guess I deserve it for the whole "bow on the head" thing.

Age: 1 month
Weight: 9+ lbs.
Length: 22 in.
What can she do now?
  • focus on a face
  • lift head and turn it once lifted
  • make lots of crazy noises (including burping loud enough to peel paint off the wall)
  • sleep 5+ hours at night
  • feed on a more "normal" schedule than the first two weeks of life (those once-an-hour feedings in the middle of the night were so straining!)
Celebrations from the past month:
  • Many people have new roles in our family.  Michael and I are now PARENTS!  My mom is finally a grandmother.  My brother, an uncle.  Michael's sister is a first-time aunt.  My grandparents can officially put a "great" in front of their title.  :)
  • Katy and Ryan welcomed their baby boy, Patrick, into the world on 9 November!  Patrick weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 19 inches long.  Here are some photos from Mallory and Patrick's first play date.  Can't you tell they are smitten with one another?
We put the babes to sleep in Patrick's playpen just like this.  Then we went to the kitchen to enjoy a tasty meal from Chick-fil-A.

When we returned to the playpen to hold and feed the babies, we found them like this.  No joke--they positioned themselves this way while we were busy eating chicken.  I think they love each other.

Presenting: the mommies!  The babies are almost 3 weeks apart.  What a fun journey it's been together.
  • Our friend, Jeremy, got a new job in South Carolina!  Jeremy, his wife, Sara, and their baby girl, Sophie, moved to Mount Pleasant to start a new adventure on the Atlantic coast.
  • Our Georgia Dawgs beat two very important SEC teams: Florida (Mallory's first football game) and Auburn!
A mother's thoughts from this month:
We count our blessings each and every day.  It may have been a struggle to create this little person's life, but we couldn't have asked for a more perfect pregnancy and delivery.  Our hearts bleed for those who experience difficulties with their pregnancies or have grieved over the loss of a baby.  When I hold sweet Mallory, I am overwhelmed with love for her.  What have I done in my life to deserve a loving husband, a healthy child, a psycho mutt, and happy home?

Even though my body is still recovering from the delivery, it's hard to believe that just weeks ago I wasn't able to bend over to pick things up or even stand for more than 10 minutes.  I was that huge.  Now I can see my feet again and get up and down from the floor for tummy time with Mallory.  It shouldn't be much longer before I can fit into my old clothes and put the maternity jeans in storage.  Is it strange that I miss being pregnant?  I loved growing our baby, despite the joint pain, swelling, and peeing every 5 minutes.  But I love our baby more.  She is just so awesome.

What I find terribly interesting is how after you bring home a newborn, you have to learn how to do everything all over again.  Making meals.  Eating those meals.  Driving a car.  Getting ready for bed.  Heck, the first time I climbed the stairs with Mallory in my arms was absolutely terrifying.  All I could imagine was taking a tumble and dropping the baby.  I wanted to install an elevator to go upstairs for diaper changes.  And then there's the separation anxiety.  Where do I put the baby when I need to go to the bathroom?  Will she miss me?  What if she starts crying as soon as I shut the door?  Should I shut the door?  Is she going to roll over or smother herself with her blanket or spit up all over herself?  It takes time and practice and talking to other mothers who have gone through exactly the same set of emotions.  Each day brings a little more confidence.

Happy one-month birthday, Baby Nerd.  Your parents love you more than you'll ever know.  Can't wait to see what you will one day become.

“I know one day she'll learn to make up her own rhymes.  One day, she's gonna learn how to fly.  Oh, that I won't deny.”

--Jimmy Buffett's "Little Miss Magic"

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A. Hab. said...

This is so sweet, Vik! :) I can't believe it's already been a whole month since Mallory has come into this world--and she's so beautiful.

It's funny how the worries of pregnancy (is it okay that I woke up on my back? was that pang I just felt a Braxton Hicks contraction? am I giving my growing baby the proper nutrition?) morph into similar worries of mommyhood. The last time i was at the OB, I asked about cord wrap (that's my latest, greatest fear). She smiled and said, "You are right where you should be for the third trimester--worrying about the little things now." (I don't think I would call cord wrap "little," but I guess if you've seen it a lot in perfectly healthy births...it becomes a minute detail.) Worrying about walking upstairs with a newborn, whether or not to close the bathroom door when you have to relieve yourself, that sort of thing...those are little things, but they are also indicative of your transition into being a mom.

And, because you're focused on all the details (large and small), I think that means you're going to make a great mom. :)


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