16 October 2011

What Pregnancy Taught Me

Our nine-month journey has taught me many things...

  • A woman finding out that she's going to be a first-time grandmother can scream quite loudly.
  • One's girlfriends are more valuable than gold.
The ladies of 5th grade.  Honestly, I don't know what I would do without them.
  • My doctor's nickname for "linea negra" is "the racing stripe".
  • Bending over the bathroom counter to pluck your eyebrows is impossible with a baby bump.
  • Swelling is way more painful than predicted.
  • Having a 6-page birthing plan is not for me.  I trust that my doctor, my body, and our labor will guide us through each step of the delivery.
  • The view of the TV has changed quite a bit…
Football Saturdays--not what they used to be.
  • When you have convinced yourself that your students find you strict and ready to see you take your maternity leave, they throw you a going-away party, shower you with gifts, and cry their cute little eyeballs out at the thought of you not being there for the next 9 weeks of their learning.
My current 5th graders after chowing down on pink-iced cupcakes and cheddar popcorn.
Wait…they're going to miss me?  Their tears are sincere!

  • The Asian women you meet out in public don't ask, "What are you having?"  Instead, they inquire, "Are you having a boy?"
  • Being "checked out" when you're not expecting can be flattering.  Being checked out by 3 dudes in a local Chick-fil-A when you are obviously pregnant?  Kinda creepy.
  • Shaving your legs while pregnant should be an Olympic sport.
  • There is nothing more thrilling than feeling your baby kick inside your womb.
  • Trading in your beloved pick-up truck (yeah, the one used for fishing trips and off-roading) for a family vehicle is tough.
My brother bought my truck before we purchased our station wagon.  At least it's still in the family!
  • When you are in the homestretch of your pregnancy, folks don't look at you with the same smiles and excitement as they did 2-3 months ago.  Instead, they laugh at your waddle (ahem, excuse me…pregnancy swagger) or expressions of, "Bless her heart--she looks simply miserable!"
  • Flushing public toilets with your foot doesn't happen anymore.  You're lucky enough to lift your feet high enough to put on pants and shoes each day.
  • The things you used to put all kinds of energy and effort into (like cooking or cleaning your house) are replaced with as many naps as your schedule allows.
  • A husband becomes invested in his genetic creation long before she's born.
Already doting on his little girl.
  • No matter what kind of baby budget you put yourself on, you end up spending a little more than you would like to admit.  I mean, who says "no" to an infant-sized collegiate jersey, even if it costs more than a pack of 5 onesies?
  • Diapers and wipes as gifts RULE!
  • (So do offers of friends and family bringing you meals to your house.)
  • Being sick while pregnant is the absolute pits.  Two separate viruses brought me to my knees (literally--over the toilet with convulsions), and I'm grateful to have recovered from both.
  • Keeping a blog on your TTC life and pregnancy progression can bring you closer to friends and introduce you to some pretty awesome new ones.
  • I actually CAN get pregnant.  I just needed a little help.  :)
Our very first positive PT.  It feels as if we read this just yesterday!
  • Lots and lots of pink still scares me...


A. Hab. said...

Call it the pregnancy hormones or just simple tender-heartedness...this post made me well-up. I am so happy for you both and really really excited for this week. We're thinking about you three as you embark on this new journey! :)

Thanks for the walk-through...you're so right. There is nothing worse than being sick while pregnant (so far, I've had strep throat...and I wanted to die; I got my flu shot the instant I was well). And there is nothing more thrilling and nothing that can make your heart fill with warm joy faster than feeling your baby kick.

You're going to be an excellent mom, Vik. Mallory is such a lucky girl to have both of you for her parents. :) Good luck!

Jen Stanton said...

It made me well up too. I can't tell you how happy I am for you and your hubby. Tomorrow is the big day already! I remember reading when Mallory had just started giving you the teeny baby bump. And now you're about to give birth to her! I agree with A.Hab. You are going to be amazing parents. I'm praying that you have an easy, short, labor. I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow.


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