05 October 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: FULL TERM!

Take 1: Vikki's giant head is in the way of the sign.

Take 2: That's better!

To celebrate reaching the end of the pregnancy road, this Nerd in Utero entry will focus on a few of our favorite memories from the incredible 9-month journey.

Best decision ever made in OB/GYN care (pre-pregnancy, of course):
That would be taking many of my girlfriends' advice and choosing Dr. Goggin and his practice.  He casually walks into the examination room, strikes up conversation on subjects that are both interesting and incredibly nerdy (our cup of tea!!!), and makes you feel that you have known him for 20 years.  Never have I met another doctor with such a remarkable bedside manner and an appreciation for a patient's corny jokes.  And to the girls who told me this before I ever met the man: I, too, want to grab a  comb from my purse fix his hair.  It always has the just-rolled-out-of-bed look from being in and out of surgical caps all day.  He'd probably let you do it!

Favorite "Holy Crap, We're Gonna Be Parents!" moment:
Hands down, it has to be when Michael and I went to our first ultrasound.  Sure all the at-home pregnancy tests proved we were pregnant, but nothing compares to seeing your tiny jelly bean of a baby on that screen or hearing the resonating whooshing sound of their heartbeat.  I anticipated being a ball of emotion during this visit.  No tears were shed.  We just stared in wonderment at what the sonogram presented to us.  There was a lot of "Just look at that!" and "Wow, that's our baby!"  Minus one more ultrasound, the next time we see Mallory, she will be out of the womb.

Mallory's first picture, before we knew she was a "Mallory".

Favorite reaction to the pregnancy news:
I had asked a few close friends/former co-workers to a Chik-fil-A lunch in order to make the announcement.  Out of the 4 invited, Leah (who brought along her tiny daughter, Elizabeth) was the only one able to attend.  We settled into our booth and began feasting on the fried goodness that is the classic chicken sandwich.  I didn't have a fancy plan to help me let the cat out of the bag, so between a bite of sandwich and a sip of sweet tea, I proclaimed, "I'm pregnant!"  Leah had been helping Elizabeth with her chicken nuggets by pulling them into smaller bites when my announcement came tumbling out.  While guiding a piece of chicken toward Elizabeth's mouth, Leah's hand froze and the corners of her lips turned up in a giant smile.  "I knew that's why you asked me to lunch!" she exclaimed.  And then, as quickly as her face had lit up like Christmas morning, her lip began to tremble and tears leaked from the corners of her eyes.  "After all that you and Michael have been through, you deserve this.  You are going to be such an amazing mommy."  Then the tears sprang from my own eyes over the sense of love and support coming from my friend of 8 years and counting.  We laughed at ourselves for crying in a Chik-fil-A and dabbed at our faces with restaurant napkins.

Tear-jerker baby gift memory:
Very early in our pregnancy, one of Michael's co-workers, Selma, gave us a copy of The Trumpet of the Swan.  Most are probably thinking; "It's a book, and that's cool. What's the big deal?"  Well, Michael's mother will proudly tell you the story about how she brought this book home for her daughter, Melissa, to read because she was at an age where she could easily read chapter books.  Somehow, Michael (who was in KINDERGARTEN at the time) got his hands on the book and read every single page.  And he read it again…and again…and again…  He will tell you to this day that this is his favorite book from childhood, recalling certain passages almost word for word and the images conjured up by E. B. White's powerfully descriptive language.  I read it one summer and even read it aloud to my students one school year.  It was easy to see why the book always "stuck" with him.  Upon seeing the gift when Michael brought it home from work, I couldn't help but cry a tear or two.  Now we have a copy Michael's favorite book that will belong to our little Mallory.  And who knows?  Maybe she'll read it in kindergarten.

Favorite destination while pregnant:
There were so many memories from our road trip: the Grand Canyon, Arches NP, Canyonlands, Jackson Hole.  But I think if I had to pick one spot on the map as a "favorite", I would have to say that Four Corners National Monument takes the cake.  Standing in 4 states at one time with a baby in my belly was a very unique experience.  Just how many babies can say they did that?

Family of 3 standing in 4 states.

Favorite Mojo memory:
Like a parent who checks every piece of candy for their children on Halloween night, Mojo always "checks" every baby gift that enters our home.  I'm sure he does it because he hopes that the gifts are for him, but deep down, I think he wants to make sure everything is safe for Mallory.

"All clear!  This one's safe for Baby Nerd."

As for now?  I'm huge.  The baby is huge.  Her uterine disco party is disturbing all nearby internal organs.  My pregnancy swagger is out of control.  PJs are the only clothes worth wearing (too bad I can't wear them to work).  I'm ready to start "Operation Home Induction" ASAP.  Bring on the castor oil, bumpy rides in the truck, and lots of spicy food.

Mallory Olivia, you are fully cooked.  Now is not the time to be stubborn like your momma or sleepy like your daddy.  We are perfectly fine with you coming in the middle of the night or trying to break free when I'm in the middle of teaching my students how to reduce fractions.  Your daddy and I are ready to meet you and share you with the world.  See you soon, Baby Nerd.


A. Hab. said...

I am so excited that you're full term, Vik! :) This post made me get teary and giddy at the same time (that's the hormones, right? lol). I can't wait to see Miss Mallory in her full glory. I just know she's going to be beautiful like her mommy and daddy. Just in case I don't get to talk to you before she makes her appearance: good luck and Robert and I are thinking strong, swift thoughts for you! :)

Jen Stanton said...

I can't believe you're full term already. I'm so excited for you and your hubby. You look absolutely terrific!


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