11 October 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Did We Just Choose a Birthday?

Today was my last regular OB appointment.  Dr. Goggin even said so.
After today, the next time I'll be seeing you will be to deliver your baby!
Holy birthday cake, Batman.  Michael and I will be parents next week.

As with every appointment I schedule at Dr. Goggin's office, I made every effort to arrive on time.  Bad weather slowed me down, and half of the pregnant women in Athens, GA were waiting ahead of me to see the great doctor once I got there.  I was not seen at my scheduled time of 3:30.  It was nearly 5:00 when Michael and I were finally escorted to an exam room.  We were under the impression that Baby Nerd would be measured via ultrasound during this visit and were a little disappointed when the nurse led us to a room without the necessary equipment.
Me: Are we not measuring her today?  He mentioned it a couple of weeks ago since she measured larger than normal back in August.
Patti: I don't have it in your chart, but I tell you what.  I'll put you in this exam room so he can check your cervix first.  If he feels the need to run an ultrasound, I'll make sure that room is clear for you.
That was a good enough answer for me.  Once in our room, Michael sank into a comfy chair and tried not to lose consciousness due to a lack of sleep from the night before.  Since I was to undress from the waist down for this visit, I twisted the blinds in the room shut (didn't want folks in the parking lot catching a free show) and positioned myself on the exam table, covering myself up with a sheet.  Roughly 10 minutes passed before Dr. Goggin walked in.
Funny story, guys.  Patti stopped me in the hallway and asked if I had heard about Vikki Wynne.  And I looked at her worriedly and asked, "Is she in labor?"  I thought the moment had finally come!
Michael and I looked at each other, then at the doc, and made a comment about how we wish that were the case.  Dr. Goggin wasn't surprised, but did remark at how good I looked considering I am so close to the end.  He could tell that the way I felt didn't match the way I looked.  So he asked me to explain how I had been feeling since our last visit.
Me: I've been hurting all over my body, but mostly from the baby's movements.  She kicks so hard!  Then there's the nausea.  Had it since Saturday.  My ankles finally swelled up like balloons. [to which he laughed and pointed out that my right ankle was significantly larger than the left--said it was because the uterus tips to the right]  It's hard for me to breathe and get comfortable doing anything.  And on top of it all, I'm in a struggle with my county over maternity leave.
The doc offered genuine sympathy, knowing that many of his patients suffered the same symptoms and even butted heads with their employers' HR policies.  While reassuring me that he would write a doctor's note to take that stressful item off my plate, he reached behind him and seemed to claw at his backside.  I figured he had a wedgie.

Then he checked Baby Nerd's heartbeat.  Strong and so very loud.  She even kicked at him while he ran the machine across my belly.  Gloved up, the doc then checked my cervix.  Still closed, but he let us know again that my pelvis was healthy to try for a vaginal delivery.  All good news.

But when would we deliver?  Waiting until the 26th was not something I wanted to do.  I am too uncomfortable, and Michael is probably tired of hearing me complain.

Dr. Goggin turned to his calendar, counting weeks and considering the baby's development.  He talked of dilation, amniotic fluid, and drugs, looking up at the ceiling and trying to work out a labor and delivery formula.  Twice more he made adjustments in the rear of his britches.
Sorry, guys.  It's just that my butt itches, and it's driving me crazy!
I wanted to hug him for being human.

And finally, we came to a decision.  The doc didn't want to try anything before the weekend.  After factoring in the health of our pregnancy, the excess of fluid I have in my uterus (he said to tell the nurse to lay down extra towels because I would be a "gusher"), and his expectations for how our delivery would most likely go, he said we would be scheduled to check into the hospital on Sunday night.

SUNDAY NIGHT.  That's only 5 days away.  Less than a week.

This time two years ago, I was starting the 5-month ovulatory desert.  This time last year, my hormones were dropping faster than the mercury in Manitoba.  And now, we are merely days away from bringing home a baby.

Michael and I thanked the doc for everything and watched him leave the exam room.  Once the door was latched shut, I looked at my husband and began fanning my face.  The hot tears in my eyes caused me to flush a dark shade of pink.  My husband wrapped his arms around me to calm the burst of emotion.  He might have believed I was anxious and anticipating painful labor, but the tears were ones of relief.

Our light at the end of the tunnel was finally here.  We had just picked out our little girl's birthday.

17 October 2011

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Allison said...

Beautiful post!! I've been following your pregancy for months and found you from Rachael Copponex's blog. I can't wait to "meet" your baby girl! My little man will be 4 on Monday (October 17) and it truly was the best day of our lives. He's my first too. God bless and here's to hoping for a smooth delivery!


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