25 September 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Weeks 34-35

Are we really almost there?  We're so close!

How Far Along: 35 weeks, 5 days.  This entry throws weeks 34-35 together.
Size of Baby: An oversized honeydew melon that grew arms and legs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Do I dare admit that I've gained almost 40 pounds?!?!
Maternity Clothes: I wish I could boycott clothing until Mallory Olivia gets here.  Anything against my skin just gets on my nerves, especially bras.  I have purposefully purchased bras that are large in every dimension and added circumference with bra extenders to give my poor lungs room to breathe, and even then, I feel as if I'm being choked.  I find myself unhooking them any chance I get during the day.  I barely make it in the door of our house each afternoon before I'm removing my bra through the sleeves of my shirt.  Then it's PJs the rest of the evening.
Baby-related Purchases: My school hosted Baby Shower #3 (which was themed in black and red for my alma mater, UGA), and we received a bunch of great baby items off our registries!  Mojo, of course, had to bury his head in every gift bag I brought inside, thinking that these were treats I was bringing for him to enjoy.  I also received 2 grocery bags of hand-me-downs from a co-worker, Stacy, whose niece has outgrown all of her baby things.  Then my shopping savvy mother called me one evening to say she was in Target looking at a brand-spanking new Eddie Bauer stroller/travel system that was originally priced at $230 marked down to $29.  Even better--the pattern on it is a gender-neutral maroon, grey, and black plaid, so we can use it again if we have a boy in the future.  Yeah, Michael and I racked up on all kinds of goodies these last couple of weeks.
Gender: We're going to have a DAUGHTER soon!
Movement: I call Mallory's extreme movements "the bursting starfish".  It feels as though she has herself tucked in tight, limbs and head pulled in against her body in a true fetal position.  Then, out of nowhere, both arms and both legs burst straight out from her torso and her head flies back, clobbering my ribs, bladder, stomach, and other major internal organs all at one time.  If I were a pinball machine, I'd be permanently stuck on "tilt".
Sleep: It only comes in spurts now.  My body wants to sleep from now until Doomsday, but my stupid bladder has me up every couple of hours.
Belly Button In or Out: Definitely out.
What I Miss: Being comfortable.  Never does the thought cross my mind: "Wow, having baby feet in my ribcage feels awesome!"  Mallory is free to come, like, now so she can relieve me of all the pain and pressure my body is enduring.
Cravings: Still love the salty stuff.  Although, sweets immediately after consuming something salty feels as if I'm maintaining some sort of balance in taste.
  • Constant discomfort.  Ugh.
  • Leg cramps.  My twig-like legs are going to snap under the weight of my mighty midsection.  I liken my torso-to-leg ratio to using a pair of toothpicks to support the weight of a 3-inch thick porkchop.
  • I've peed so much, I ruined the septic system.  Seriously.  Michael had to call someone out to check our pumps and the electrical box that runs the system.  They had to pour in some fancy schmancy oxidizing chemicals to break down all the extra toilet paper and then give us a lecture about how to care for our septic tank.
  • I can't put on pants without losing my balance.
  • Heartburn bad.  Tums good.
  • I wouldn't say I've mastered it yet, but I've started waddling.  Walking like a normal person takes talent.  The waddle is far easier.  I just hate the stupid word.  Maybe we could call it "pregnant swagger"?
  • So I realize this isn't really a symptom, but this deserves mentioning.  Michael no longer drives the speed limit.  For the last month or so, he has been driving 5-10 mph UNDER the speed limit when driving me somewhere, causing much frustration about arriving to engagements that have starting times.  This means he's only going to drive 15 mph down the highway when we're bringing Baby Nerd home.
Managing the Stress: If I only had time for a prenatal massage…  All of my work commitments and doctor's appointments eat up my schedule.
Worries: Forgetting something important--like my contact lens solution or the diaper bag--at the house should we go into labor early.
What I Look Forward To: Seeing Michael's reaction in the delivery room.  He talks to Mallory every day through my stomach wall.  He puts his hands on my belly to feel her moving around while we watch TV together.  He marvels at the 4-D ultrasound photo we have posted on our fridge.  But I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he can actually lay eyes and hands and a father's love upon his little girl.

  • There are 4 teachers at my school that are pregnant other than myself!  Since formal announcements for a couple of them have yet to be made, I won't mention names, but I'm so excited for these ladies.
  • My brother, Erik, turned 27 on Tuesday.  My YOUNGER brother.  I remember being weirded out when he turned 16 and got his license.  Now he's in his late 20's?  What?
  • My friend and fellow blogger, A. Hab, hit the major milestone of turning 30 this past week.  We met in ballet class way back in 2nd grade, and now we're turning real-life grown-up ages.  She also found out that the baby she is currently growing is going to be a girl!
  • Earlier in the month, my friend, Kajal, also turned 30.  We celebrated at a very tasty Thai restaurant in Atlanta.  Michael and I had to skip out on the going out for drinks and dancing that followed, but it was still lovely seeing Kajal since she lives way up in NC.
  • Another blogger friend, Rachael, had a bouncing baby boy this last week.  Congrats to the family on your newest addition!
  • My in-laws, Mike and Mary, just returned home from a trip out to Wyoming.  They stayed in Yellowstone NP (one of my favorites) and posted updates via Facebook while enjoying their vacation.  Now that they're home, I'm about to turn inside out wanting to see their photos.
  • Speaking of photos, here's an oldie my mom posted on Facebook:
Mom holding me when I was a baby.  I hope Mallory sleeps this soundly!

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A. Hab. said...

Okay, there are a few things I wanted to zero in on:

1. The bursting starfish never fails to make me laugh out loud! That is a great name for a sensation that probably doesn't feel so great, lol. I wonder when Mel will start to do that...lol.

2. Your mom is ridiculously awesome at finding great deals! I can't believe she found that great stroller for $29! Mallory will love it, I'm sure. :)

3. I like the "pregnant swagger" instead of "waddle." Let's make that happen. Who do we send the petition to?

Thanks for the shout-out! :) Robert is really starting to love the idea of having a daughter--I can't wait until he's able to enjoy what Michael has so far (the movements, the clearer ultrasounds). It can be a really special bond, and I hope that Mallory and Melanie have that with their daddies.


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