07 August 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 27 & 28

At the Jefferson DQ with Baby Nerd's future daytime caretakers, Christina, and her daughter, Mia.  I grew up with Christina's brother, Kenneth, and grew to adore their family.  Christina lives 3 miles from our house, so our daycare situation worked out beautifully!

Just a few hours after having snacks at the DQ, my friend and former GHP co-worker Emily Lemmon stopped by.  She's been in Japan teaching English for 2 years.  This shot was taken to pay homage to Baby Nerd's Uncle Laurel and an inside joke we used to share.
Inside joke seen here with Uncle Laurel and Auntie Emily.  We had a habit of putting our ears to random, inanimate objects.  Stupid?  Maybe to the casual observer.  But we got a laugh out of it every time.

How Far Along: 28 weeks, 5 days (I missed last week's update, so I'm combining 27 & 28 in this entry)
Size of Baby: Somehow, still an eggplant.  She must be a very plump eggplant by now.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 25 pounds on.  That's slightly less than a quarter of my pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into certain pre-pregnancy shirts if they are long and stretchy enough.  I'm getting to where I hate wearing maternity pants/capris.  They don't come anywhere near to fitting me the way my "normal" jeans or pants once did.  I'm having to wear a lot more dresses and skirts, of which I'm not a huge fan.  I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of woman!
Baby-related Purchases: We received a lot of great gifts at our first baby shower last weekend: onesies, a stroller, monogrammed clothing and blankets, a Boppy pillow, lanolin cream, etc.  I also got to go shopping for some items for Mallory Olivia with a Babies 'R' Us gift card we received at the shower, which helped me add much-needed pieces to the nursery.  There are still a lot things to check off the registry, though, which makes me way more anxious than the wedding registry we once had.  I can live without candlesticks or a silver slotted spoon.  Wipes, diapers, baby shampoo, bottles, and so on--yeah, these are kind of a big deal. :)
Gender: So very much a girl.
Movement: She's still a wiggle worm.  She has been laying on her left side with her butt near my ribs and her head way down in my abdomen.  But just a couple of nights ago, she decided she wanted a change.  So she turned sideways, making my belly morph from vertical oblong to horizontal oblong.  After 5 minutes, she realized this was much too cramped and went back to her original position.  I also think I might have seen her knee poke my belly.  I'm quite ready to see her hands and feet make contact with my abdominal wall.
Sleep: It's hit or miss.  I can pass out on the couch with almost no problem.  Sleeping in bed REQUIRES the Snoogle.  I'm always waking up to pee/get a drink of water/pray for Baby Nerd to stop sloshing around.
Belly Button In or Out: According to my teammates (now that we're back to work), it's out.
What I Miss: Cooler temperatures…and now more than ever.  We have hit triple digits several times here in the South, and even if they "cool off", it only gets down to 95.  Now I dread doing anything outdoors because it makes me sweat more than a 30-minute cardio workout at the gym.  I really need it to be fall.
Cravings: Still hungry all the time, but sweets have made more of an appearance than before.  Sour candies are great, as is a bowl of Breyer's homestyle vanilla ice cream.
  • Thirstier now more than ever with the heat.  And with as quickly as water moves through my system, I might as well pour every glass directly into the commode.
  • Now that I'm back at work, even more back/hip/ankle pain.
  • And with all that standing and walking around I have to do at work, I have experienced my first bout of SWELLING.  I came home Monday without ankles and my toes looked like Vienna sausages.  There were even a couple of days where I couldn't remove my wedding rings.  By the end of the week, my body seemed to be making attempts to accommodate all the on-my-feet work I was having to do and the swelling wasn't quite as grotesque.
Managing the Stress: Coming home from work and enjoying the air conditioning.
Worries: Passing out in the heat.
What I Look Forward To: Temperatures anywhere below 80 degrees.  And a cool, light breeze.  And lower power bills.
Celebrations:  There are many, so get ready...
  • My co-worker, Lauren, delivered her second daughter, Hannah Claire, a couple of weeks ago!  Mom, baby, husband, and daughter number 1 are happy and healthy.  When trying to find a trustworthy and supportive OB when Michael and I were going through our TTC trials, Lauren was the first of several friends to recommend her OB, Dr. Goggin.  I have her and a handful of other women to thank for such a recommendation.
  • Another one of my co-workers, Jodie (the one who made the poster for Week 24), is newly engaged to her firefighter boyfriend, John, as of last week!  Many blessings to the future couple.
  • Both myself and my pregnant friend, Katy, tested negative for gestational diabetes.  What a relief.
  • We enjoyed a fabulous home-cooked meal with Ben and Krissy out in Arnoldsville.  Their newborn, Sam, has the coolest head of hair ever on a baby (somewhere between Elvis and Zoolander hair, complete with sideburns).  He slept while the adults ate fajitas.
  • While meeting my new students and their families at open house on Thursday, several of my former students came by for a visit.  Now, I realize that pretty much every teacher out there gets a visit from former students each school year, but I was very attached to my class last year and getting a visit from as many as came by (7 or 8?) made my heart happy.  Not only the students come by, but so did their mothers!  They were at my door with their arms just as open as their kids.  Such a good feeling.
  • This will be my first class with "repeat" families since I started teaching.  Moving/transferring/changing grades has kept me from experiencing this in my years as a certified teacher.  And the repeat families are ones that I love and would gladly teach their children until they head off to college.  This should help make the school year a little easier, considering I'm anxious about missing an entire quarter from maternity leave.
  • I had my first baby shower!  Three of my friends--Christy, Jennifer, and April--thew it for me at our house.  Everything turned out beautifully with the food, flowers, and decor.  April (who is a new teacher on our 5th grade team) made the cake to match the shower invitations, and it was better than anything we could have ordered from a bakery.  We had a great turn-out of both family and friends (well, female family and friends--no boys allowed).  The AC in our house had trouble keeping up with the crowd and the oven having been on, which, as it turned out, only caused great suffering for me (hello sweaty maternity dress).  Mojo behaved like a gentleman, having only jumped on the first 3 or 4 guests, and then he quickly became bored because the attention wasn't on him.  Another memory for the baby book!

Fireplace clothesline with Mallory Olivia's monogrammed goodies.

Close-up of the monogrammed items from Jennifer.

Our house with indicator balloons.  Too bad GPS failed many of the guests to even get them to our street!  Many phone calls were made to get better directions that what GPS could offer.

The highly-talked-about cake.  Feel free to contact me if you want April to do one of your cakes!

Me with the Cake Master, April.  And I get to work with her this year!

Another cute monogrammed piece for our little girl.  I love seeing her name in print.

My sister-in-law, Melissa, who will be a first-time aunt when Baby Nerd arrives.

Llewelyn, me, and Kajal after the festivities.  They were two of my bridesmaids and will now be honorary aunties to our daughter.

Jennifer, me, and Christy after everyone went home.  These hostesses worked their fannies off for this shower.  I couldn't ask for better friends.

The invitation and a party favor mint tin.  I'm glad the shower was a modern elephant theme with green, ivory, and brown.  A room drenched in pink with rattles and baby buggies might have caused the start of the Apocalypse.

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Yeah, but she's not inanimate from the way you describe her in-utero gymnastic feats. ;)
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