24 July 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 26

The double-chin I already had (thanks, genetics) is starting to get to me.  Anyone know any good neck-and-chin-strengthening exercises?

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: Still an eggplant.  Although, the Baby Bump app on my iPhone describes her size in comparison to a hothouse cucumber.  This makes her sound really long and skinny.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I plead the 5th.
Maternity Clothes: The stretchier, the better!  Only one pair of shorts fits me (a pair I wear to the gym), so I tend to wear jersey knit skirts in this unbearable heat.  No matter what I wear, though, my body feels constricted by the end of the day.  I daydream about being in my PJs.  Too bad I can't wear them to work every day.
Baby-related Purchases: 
  • Bought a new bookshelf for the nursery from IKEA that is an exact match to the one I purchased a few weeks back for our music room.  Even though it's a bit darker than the rest of the furniture, all those picture books have to go somewhere.
  • We are borrowing a changing table from our friends Robert and Sandra since their little girl is now very much potty trained.  It's a pretty close match to the other furniture, and now the dresser isn't cluttered with diaper-changing amenities.
  • Michael's Aunt Shirley handmade and mailed us two really cute gifts!  The first is the purple/blue/aqua octopus seen in the picture below.  I must have laughed loud enough to be heard on the next continent because I have another hand-made toy octopus a friend and former co-worker, Peter, made for me 5 years ago.  While working at GHP (the Governor's Honors Program) back in the summer of 2006, Peter crocheted a personalized octopus for each of the residential advisors: a squinty-eyed octopus for an Asian RA, a sleepy face one another for an RA who liked to nap.  The one he made for me, Slurpy, was extra large for students in my classroom to squeeze on when they needed a little pick-me-up.  When we found out we were expecting, Slurpy came home to be a part of Mallory Olivia's collection.  Now I have a pair of perfect, handmade octopi for our daughter to love!  The other gift Aunt Shirley made was a "lovey" with Baby Nerd's first initial.  I love the shade of turquoise she chose.  The stitching on it makes me reminisce my days of when I knew how to crochet.
Slurpy (on bottom) and his new mate.  Baby Nerd will christen him/her with a name of her choosing.
This little monogrammed "lovey" will make the perfect binky.
Gender: There are lots of "girly" outfits in the nursery, so I'm going to say "female".
Movement: I'm quite surprised an expectant mother doesn't bruise from her growing baby's kicks.  Mallory Olivia is currently mastering the art of head-butting and shaking her jazz hands.
Sleep: Some nights are great.  Others are torture.  It's obvious that it's asking too much for a mere 5 hours of sleep each night.
Belly Button In or Out: I'm running out of interesting things to write here…
What I Miss: My summer.  Sure, I have another week "off", but I will be spending it going to doctor's appointments, running errands, setting up maternity leave with the county, and working in my classroom.  Pre-planning starts next Tuesday.  This is the first summer since I started teaching that I have not looked forward to going back to work.  I usually crave the routine, but all I want to do is finish growing this baby!
Cravings: I made dark chocolate brownies this week.  Yeah, yeah, I know I don't usually crave sweets, but brownies are so stinkin' amazing.
  • Oh, the back pain!  And hip pain!  And ankle-and-foot pain!  I think I need a prenatal massage.
  • Acne.  Really?  Again?  I'm 29, not 14.
  • Fatigue.
  • SEVERE thirst.  I could down an entire glass of ice cold water and still feel as if I just hiked the Sahara for 3 days without an ounce of hydration.  I tend to leave glasses of water all over the house for easy access.  Michael says I'm like the girl from the movie "Signs".
Managing the Stress: I worked out in the yard a lot this past week.  Naturally, it had to be late in the evenings as the sun was setting.  Even though it was still muggy, it felt good to have my hands in the dirt and put more seed in the ground.  Now there are 3 new rows of bush beans coming up.  Fingers crossed my heat-tolerant lettuce will show itself soon.
Worries: My water breaking in front of my students.  M-O-R-T-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.  I can picture it now:

Me: "Let's look at a map of the US, kids, so we can mark where the important battles of the Civil War took place.  We will start here with Manassas, or the Battle of Bull Run."  *pause to glance down at a puddle that wasn't there 2 seconds ago*  "Uh-oh..."
*kids screaming, gagging, and pointing*
Kid in Front Row: "Mrs. Wynne, why are you peeing on yourself?" 
Me: "That's not pee.  It means the baby's coming.  Someone push the call button for the office!"
Heckler Kid in Back: "Whatever!  My mom says pregnant women have to pee all the time.  I bet you couldn't hold it anymore."
Me (wincing from oncoming contractions): "Don't make me call your mother right now!  Someone page the office!"
 Concerned Kid: "It's OK if you peed on yourself, Mrs. Wynne.  My brother still wets the bed."
Me: "Sweet Lord, help me…"
I could care less if it happened in front of a friend, co-worker, family member.  But in front of my kids?  There's a fact of life some kids would never be able to get past in order to concentrate on their studies upon my return from maternity leave.  I'd always be the teacher that "gushed pee everywhere" (even though I would remind them 10,000 times it's not pee).  Please let my water break anywhere but my classroom.
What I Look Forward To: Getting the nursery done.  It's a lot closer than it was just a couple of weeks ago, but there's still a lot we need for it.  Good thing we have a few showers in our future!
  • The garden is putting out so many tomatoes, it's time to can them.  This way, we can make pasta sauce throughout the winter.
  • Michael has a week off work coming up soon.  He has to endure a week of working nights the way he used to at the hospital, but it will be so nice to have him at home for a straight week afterward.

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Amanda Jones said...

Aww your little belly is really starting to pop now, so cute!!


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