05 July 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 23

Happy Independence Day (one day belated)!  Please pretend that you cannot see my bra strap.   It'll make me feel better.

How Far Along: 23 weeks, 7 days
Size of Baby: She's still the size of a papaya.  She likes being exotic.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 pounds, which means I lost a couple.  Weird.
Maternity Clothes: I'm going to need slacks for work in a few weeks that accommodate my gut.  I'm too lazy to shave every single day in order to wear a skirt or dress.
Baby-related Purchases: Nothing new purchased, but the registries are coming along great.  I also went through my stash of picture books I used to use when I taught 3rd graders and chose the ones I want to keep and read to our little one.
Gender: GIRL!
Movement: So I completely forgot to mention last week that we can now SEE her move.  I first saw the pokes from the inside on a Friday while Michael was at work.  I immediately texted him to report the visual.  The next morning, Michael got out of bed, fed and walked Mojo, and came back to bed to wake me.  As we snuggled on our pillows, he began rubbing my belly and talking about his little girl.  He happened to have his eyes on my mid-section when she gave a round-house kick to my navel, causing my belly to bulge outward on either side of my line of symmetry.  He stopped mid-sentence, his eyes growing wide in utter amazement.  "Did you see that?!  That was so weird!" he declared.  "Wasn't that awesome?  I certainly felt it!" came my reply.
As for when she moves, it's almost all too predictable.  When I stand, Baby Nerd is quiet and still.  It's only when I have been on my feet too long that she begins to wiggle around a bit as if to say, "See that chair over there?  Yeah, if you don't sit your butt down, I'll unleash my wrath on your sciatic nerve!"  But when I sit or lie down, I'm guaranteed movement as she performs a synchronized swimming show from the comfort of her placental pool.
Sleep: It's still as annoying as last week: waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to fall back to sleep until 6 or 7am, being tired all day.  Ugh.
Belly Button In or Out: Michael's verdict: it's still a half-innie, half-outie.  The strange part is that the inside of my navel has darkened, as if I have been dabbing self tanner in just that spot.
What I Miss: Having attended a fun Independence Day party/cook-out/cul-de-sac fireworks show over the weekend, I would totally be lying if I didn't mention how much I miss beer.  As Michael picked out a 6-pack to take to the event, I couldn't help but drool over all the varieties.  This would be the time of year to savor the seasonals, like Landshark or Sam Adams Summer Ale.  I even had a craving for a lemondrop martini the other day.  I'm not dependent on the stuff.  I just miss the freedom of being able to have one every now and again.
Cravings: Michael puts up with me wanting pizza at least twice a week.  It's a delicious hot disc smothered in cheese and all around flavorful goodness, so it's something I really enjoy eating!  A grapefruit half has become a favorite fruit with breakfast or even a glass of grapefruit juice with a salty snack.  The only sweet things I want (aside from peaches and chocolate milk) are vanilla ice cream and sour candy.
  • Back pain, especially after standing on a hard surface for too long.
  • I now have the faintest linea negra forming.  Hardly noticeable, but it's there.
  • So stinkin' hot and sweaty.  I've been trying to avoid outdoor activities as if they were the plague (especially ones that take place in the middle of the day).
  • My dreams continue to be vivid, but now they tend to reflect the day's activities rather than the movie-like dreams I'm used to.
  • There's baby kicking, and there's baby kicking you in the bladder.  As if I didn't have the urge to pee all the time as it was.
  • Fatigue.  Hunger.  Thirst.  Repeat.
Managing the Stress: Keeping the house clean, trying out new recipes, and picking veggies from the garden.  Our yellow pear tomatoes are producing dozens of fruit at a time.
Worries: I've grown so used to the fact that Baby Nerd moves around more than the Energizer Bunny that I started thinking about what I would do if she stopped her movements, even if it were only for a few hours.  I'm pretty sure I would panic, call every expert I know, and then go clinically insane.  Her kicks and pokes are like a reassuring line of communication that lets me know she's still in there and that she's fine.  Just keep movin', Baby Nerd.
What I Look Forward To: I get to see my friend Katy for lunch this week!  She and I bonded over the trials and tribulations of TTC.  Now that we're pregnant together, I couldn't be more excited to share ultrasound photos and talk dreamily of our children's futures over glasses of sweet tea and delicious sandwiches.  My goal is to have an entry about our strengthened friendship through our experiences with infertility.  It's too good not to tell!

  • I experienced my first stranger recognizing my pregnancy.  I was at the nail salon with my piggies under the glowing blue light when I heard a voice ask, "Are you pregnant, too?"  When I looked up from my book, I noticed the young woman who had been a couple of pedicure recliners down from me, and she had a belly roughly the size of mine.  My personal rule is never to ask a woman if she's pregnant unless she's doubled over and screaming in labor, so I when I confirmed that I was in fact with child and almost 6 months, she returned with, "Me, too!  Except I'm right at 5 months."  She went on to say that doctors had told her for years that she would never be able to get pregnant on her own, leaving her and her husband in shock over the fact that it happened at all.  I couldn't tell if it was an exuberant shock or more of a feeling of being scared out of her wits, but I couldn't help but feel that a medical miracle had occurred.
  • I survived my very first witness interview with a DA.  I obviously cannot discuss the material of the case in which I am a witness.  But because I watch way too much "Law & Order", I was a bit anxious before my appointment.  The interview lasted all of 15 minutes and the DA assured me that there was nothing worth being frazzled over when I take the stand.  The best part of our conversation was when she requested that I dress as I do for work.  You know, "Free of drug and alcohol paraphernalia.  You'd be surprised at how many witnesses show up dresses in their Budweiser T-shirts."  I had to laugh.  Nothing for her to worry about there!

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A. Hab. said...

One of your worries reminds me of a story Robert tells. When his mom was pregnant with his little brother, she woke up one morning absolutely convinced that her baby had died in utero. She was fairly far along too (I want to say she was in the 30s week-wise). She was a sobbing, hysterical mess as she explained to Robert's dad that she had lost the baby. Apparently the baby had just fallen asleep and stopped moving, and that was enough to convince her that he had died. Robert's dad rushed her to the hospital and the doctor patiently performed an ultrasound in order to prove to her that the baby was fine. They heard the heartbeat and even a few minutes into the ultrasound, the baby started to dance and wiggle around.

My mother-in-law can be a fairly reactive person when she worries about her kids, but her fears were calmed and the baby was born completely healthy. It must be a strange feeling, and I definitely understand the fear! :) I hope you never have to experience it.


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