09 July 2011

Baby Nerd Has a Name

It tickles me that since we started our weekly blog updates on our pregnancy, everyone has gone along with our gender-non-specific nickname of "Baby Nerd".  We have noticed that a lot of to-be parents come up with some sort of cutesy moniker for the buns they are baking.  And with the naming process being so personal and time-consuming for the parents, it's understandable why these nicknames are often hilarious (the way Dr. House nicknamed one "Parasite"), dorky ( as seen with the name "Figment"), or references to inside jokes ("Little Noodle" for a pair of Italian parents).

Despite the ease we had in dubbing her Baby Nerd, we were not quite prepared with a girl's permanent name.  We did have a boy's name picked out long before we even started trying to conceive, so when we discovered we were having a girl, we had to do a little research.  Michael was subjected to a very tough veto process since so many good names are ruined by unsavory students when you work as a teacher.  (Which, by the way, he still doesn't understand how I can't separate myself from negative name associations.  I may need a little back-up on this one.)

So without further adieu, here is the name we have decided upon for our Baby Nerd, future daughter of the Wynnes:

Mallory Olivia
I was dead-set on Olivia and subconsciously had been so for years.  She's my favorite children's book character and was my hall theme at GHP one summer.  It's the name of the puts-up-with-nobody's-crap detective on one of my favorite shows, Law & Order: SVU.  It's even the name of the classic actress who played Melanie in Gone With the Wind and who just happens to be friends with my uncle.  In Latin, Olivia means "olive tree".  In Biblical terms, it refers to fruitfulness and dignity.  What a strong, yet still feminine, name!

Her first name was a point of contention, though.  We started with Mallory, but when I looked it up, here is what I found:

Mallory (French): Ill-fated

Ill-fated?  I've walked around my entire life with a name that means "winner" or "victorious".  Heck, even my married name carries the same meaning, so it's like I'm doubly lucky.  We loved the name Mallory when we first chose it.  How could a beautiful name have a meaning that is so…unappealing?  I wanted to scrap it immediately, and for a while, it actually was tabled.  After trying to pair other first names with Olivia, we realized that our daughter could end up with an unfortunate set of initials.  Sydney Olivia Wynne would spell out S.O.W.  And Chandler Olivia Wynne?  C.O.W.  That simply wouldn't do.  We had to get past barnyard animals.

Back to Mallory we went, but this time, a moment of realization about knocked me into stupidity.  I had been viewing her name's meaning with negativity when there was an obvious irony in it.  We are a couple that struggled for so long with fertility, and the combination of Mallory Olivia Wynne was one that actually fit better than an Isotoner.  Her full name means "ill-fated fruitfulness victory".  She is the happy ending to our bitter battle in trying to create life.


Katie said...

Beautiful, Vikki! And the meanings together are perfect! Can't wait to see her sweet face :)

Katie said...

And, YES!! Teaching makes the naming process quite difficult sometimes!

MissJessiQueen said...

Yay! I love the name! and I can't wait to do the Olivia Poster for you!! I will get it to you within this week so that you can plan ahead... =]

A. Hab. said...

Such a beautiful name, Vik! And I love the meaning behind it--that is so thoughtful and perfect for her. :) I truly hope she appreciates just how very much she was wanted and how much you and Michael sacrificed to get her. She's a special girl in a special family. And I'm so glad she has a name now! :) Thank you for sharing it with us.


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