29 June 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 22

22 weeks and I have lunch with my BFF (Christy) since the 2nd grade.  This year, we celebrate 22 years of sleepovers, chorus concerts, cutting our fingernails to play the violin, being separated for high school, almost killing each other from sharing a dorm room at UGA for 3 years of college, going on camping trips, and graduating our tastes in food and wine.

Here's a photo of the two of us in 3rd grade when Christy came to stay the night at my house for my birthday.  Don't you love the denim fanny pack she got me?

How Far Along: 22 weeks, 7 days
Size of Baby: The size of a papaya.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 18 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: Picked up a few more maternity tops and found some really comfy yoga pants.  They're front-runners for coming-home-from-the-hospital pants.
Baby-related Purchases: I ordered the bedding for the crib, which should be here any second now.  I also got a couple of gifts from my best friend (pictured above) from a recent visit she made to England.  She bought Baby Nerd a bib that says "I Heart Mummy" and the pacifier pictured below.

Maybe for baby, it does.  But for Mommy and Daddy, bedtime will be bliss!

Gender: A girl!  While registering for items with my neighbor, Jennifer, she noticed I kept registering for items that were green or brown or red.  She reminded me, "At some point, you know, you'll have to register for something pink."  Grrrrr…pink...
Movement: I used the app on my phone to count her kicks yesterday, and she kicked 10 times in just a couple of minutes.  According to the facts listed on the app, a healthy baby in utero kicks 10 times between an hour and 2 hours.  Does that mean our baby is superhuman?
Sleep: It's been a tough week.  I fall asleep until 3:00 am, wake up to pee or get a drink of water, and then can't fall back to sleep for hours.  It's so frustrating.
Belly Button In or Out: If I stand a certain way, it's out.  When I sit or lie down, it's in.
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach.  It was almost a surefire way to get me to fall to sleep when tossing and turning.  I cannot wait to sleep facedown into my pillow again.
Cravings: Fruits and Caesar salads…and anything with cheese.
  • Back pain has shifted to right hip pain.  Yeah, just the right hip.  I'll sit on the couch to watch TV, and my right hip will start to feel compressed and begin throbbing.  Then I have to lay on my back or left side.  Michael thinks it's my way of kicking him off the couch.
  • Always hungry.
  • Always thirsty.
  • Lack of sleep.  Guess I should get used to this one, huh?
  • Pop-up acne.  It's stupid and annoying and it doesn't help that we live in the South.
Managing the Stress: Staying on top of my to-do list.  It is incredibly satisfying to cross items off a list.
Worries: One word: episiotomy.
What I Look Forward To: Revealing our baby's name to the general public.  A few of you already know it, so keep it under wraps for now!  But since the baby shower will be coming up soon, I figure guests will want to call her something other than "Baby Nerd".  There will be a post for the name reveal.

  • A girl I babysat a couple of times back in the day (who was also the younger sister of my brother's best friend) got married over the weekend!  Rachel married her college love, Stephen, at the John Oliver Michael House on Saturday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  It was surreal seeing her as a grown woman, exchanging vows and wearing a wedding gown, when my memories include her talking about her kindergarten friends and wearing braces.  Congrats to the happy couple!
  • The tomatoes in the garden are starting to ripen.  The yellow pear tomatoes are ruling the garden, which is quite humorous considering they came up as volunteer plants from last season.  The store-bought tomatoes are not nearly as showy.  Our bell peppers are gaining size every day.  I'll be ready to harvest the yellow and red ones when they finally decide to change over from their waxy green state.
  • Started planning the baby shower!
Quotes:  I went to the dentist last Thursday, having previously told the receptionist over the phone that I was expecting and wouldn't want X-rays.  When she came into the waiting room to retrieve me for my cleaning, she took one look at me and exclaimed, "I would NEVER be able to tell you were pregnant if you hadn't told me!  Heck, I had a baby 2 years ago and have more fat on me than you do!"  Ugh, I hate when people say things like this to me because I never know how to respond appropriately.  So I laughed (uncomfortably, of course) and changed the subject by asking her about her son as I made myself comfy in the dentist's chair.  Then the hygienist enters the room, all excited because she hears that I'm pregnant and says almost the same exact thing upon seeing me: "Wow, I bet I have more of a belly than you do, and I had my kids a long time ago!"  This woman was not large by any stretch of the imagination, and I even said that I thought she looked great.  But I was so uncomfortable with the skinny remarks, I started wishing I were 30 pounds heavier just to avoid the awkwardness.

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TURBOchic said...

Ugh! I hated those comments too. I don't remember ever having sharp comeback, but ohhhhh I wished for one. Sorry! (and if you are feeding au natrale, you don't get to sleep on your stomache either....)

I wholeheartedly agree with you that you don't have top register for pink. You'll get enough of that in gifts. I was so sick of baby blue by the end of Lil Bit's first year. I'm with ya!


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