22 May 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 17

The shirt may be a little bit looser this week, but it sure is comfy.
How Far Along: 17 weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: The size of an onion.  I put onions in just about anything I cook.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 pounds.  It's all in the belly and boobs.  I'm glad it's not in the face and thighs.
Maternity Clothes: No new ones, but I put on one pair of the maternity denim capris I bought with the full-belly panel.  Yeah, apparently a panel of spandex (even when it comes clear to the outer reaches of your underboob) does not hold up one's britches when you are not hugely pregnant.  As I walked around the house preparing to leave for a birthday party this afternoon, the dern things kept sliding down.  The crotch of the capris ended up halfway down my inner thighs, and I could feel the butt pockets sinking below my cheeks.  After much yanking and tugging and rearranging of the pants, I gave up and turned to the other pair of capris that are not full-panel.  Instead, they have the wide elastic band that holds snugly to the underside of your belly.  Looks like I'll be doing a little more shopping before we go out of town.
Baby-related Purchases: Not on my dime, BUT I did receive some great gifts from my students as end-of-the-year presents.  I got several very cute outfits and other miscellaneous useful items.  My favorite one is being modeled in the pic below by my teammate, David, because it's so stinkin' hilarious.

The bib says: "I'm NOT a Boy!"  Funny, most definitely.  Funnier when a boy wears it.
I also forgot to mention last week that another co-worker, Jennifer S., gave me a full-sized container of Similac formula that came in the mail as a free sample.  Her children are way past the formula stage, but she keeps getting samples in the mail.  She handed over the unopened mailer, which (besides the formula) contained coupons, reference guides on feedings, and an organizer for daddy that shows him how to prepare for the stay at the hospital.  
Gender: Girl.
Movement: I have felt her a few times this week.  The first "big" movement was when I was listening to the 80's station on our (still free) Sirius Radio.  Toto's "Africa" came on, and I immediately turned the volume way up.  Roughly 20 seconds into the song, Baby Nerd jumped.  Feeling the vibrations from her jump in my uterus was incredible!  Today at the birthday party, she moved 4 times, as if she was letting me know she was enjoying the chips and dip as much as I was.
Sleep: Snoogle = good night's sleep.  Michael finally caught onto this, and I have found him spooning the Snoogle (or the Snoogle spooning him) as he's catching his final hour of Zzzz's while I get ready for work in the mornings.
Belly Button In or Out: Still just the teensiest bit concave.
What I Miss: My tiny hipster jeans.
Cravings: Food in general, but I can only tolerate so many sweets in one sitting.  I scraped the icing of my slice of cake at the party today.  Oh, and I ate an entire pizza by myself Friday night when Michael was camping with Damon.  Granted, it was a small pizza from Papa John's, but I don't think I've ever consumed an entire pizza in one sitting.
  • Sweating profusely.  Since when does my belly button sweat?
  • Just assume from here on out that I'm a peeing machine.
  • Intense hunger and thirst.  Especially the thirst--it simply cannot be quenched.
Managing the Stress: I didn't go to the gym.  Go ahead and wag your finger at me.  It was the last week of school, so all I did was focus on my students and my teacher responsibilities.
Worries: That I'll never be able to wear my hipster jeans again.
  • My first year of teaching 5th grade was a success!  I cried my eyes out at Monday night's celebration after handing out many awards to my kids and watching an emotional slideshow capturing the year's events.  I miss my kids already.  I'll have to post something separate about this year's class.  They were really special.
  • I took the chance to see my former students "graduate" 5th grade at the school where I only taught one year just 2 years ago.  I am fortunate to work for a principal who gets it when a teacher wants to take time out of the work day to visit former students to show how much she still cares about them.  They had grown so much.
My "old" kids proudly wearing medals and sharing their success stories with me (Cody, Chris, Carl, Leshon, Chloe, Amaya, and, kneeling in front, Perla).  Perla told me she missed the sound of my voice every day.  *tear*

Two of the girls, Kristin and SaQuaria, from my old class acted as though they had seen a ghost when they spotted me.

Abbie is almost my height!  She's become quite the athlete over the last couple of years.   Her mother gave me the sweetest embrace when she saw me.

  • Did I mention school's out?
  • Maelee turned 3!  She is exactly 2 weeks older than our marriage.  What's even cooler about that is the fact that her dad, Robert, served as our best man despite the fact Maelee was only 2 weeks old when we tied the knot.  Sandra, Robert's wife, came out that night for our celebration and even helped clean up after everyone went home.  How could we possibly miss another one of Maelee's birthdays?
  • A friend from high school, Josh, and his wife, Melanie, are pregnant with their first baby!  They have followed my blog and messaged me a few times during their time of TTC.  It was touching to have them reach out during their struggles to someone who knew just how frustrating and heartbreaking the TTC journey can be.  We wish you two the best!
Quotes of the Week:
At the birthday party today for Maelee…
Sandra (to her 3-year-old): "Maelee, what's in Aunt Vikki's belly?"
Maelee (who gives a sly smile): "A BABY!"


Laura said...

Love the updates!!!! :)

A. Hab. said...

I love these updates, Vik! I was wondering if you ever do anything about your cravings in particular? Like...do you indulge every one, or only some of them, or none of them at all? My mom has told stories about when she was pregnant with me. She was in her final trimester during the summer, and all she ever wanted to eat was ice cream. The staff at her local Dairy Queen knew her by name! She ended up going to two or three different Dairy Queens by about August because she was a little embarrassed that they could recognize her, lol. I think it's a funny story--especially since I really love ice cream. It makes me wonder whether or not we could compare mother's cravings with the kid's food preferences.

Also, I thought you'd get a kick out of this. Robert and I were at Target the other night (to get more tank tops--yeesh, it's hot!!). I was looking around at some really cute, lightweight, flowy shirts and very nearly tried a few on...until I saw that they were labeled "maternity." I turned to Robert as I was putting them back on the rack and said, "Well, you're just going to have to knock me up. These clothes are too cute." But they really are! Lol. I love seeing your new mommy clothes with your updates. You've always had such great fashion sense. :)


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