15 May 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 16

Don't mind the ridge from the full-panel maternity pants.  It's like wearing waders…underneath my clothes.

How Far Along: 16 weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: The size of an avocado.  This is one of our favorite foods!  Guac, anyone?
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Almost 8 pounds exactly, although some of the ladies in the front office keep telling me that I look like I haven't gained a pound.  Gotta love your female friends!
Maternity Clothes: I bought more today.  I tried Old Navy first, but they are terrible at catering to girls my size.  I mostly bought from the women's side of the store--stretchy skirt, extra long ribbed tops.  Then I tried a boutique upstairs from ON.  Yeah, their jeans were $177.  If that doesn't cause morning sickness, I don't know what does.  Finally, I hit Macy's where I finally found a pair of maternity jeans AND denim shorts.  Hooray!
Baby-related Purchases: Linda, one of our awesome parapros at work, gave me an entire box of baby clothes that her granddaughter grew out of.  And while I was at Old Navy, I found a couple of summer tops Baby Nerd can wear next summer.  They were on clearance.  This was the first time I spent my own money on baby clothing!
Gender: Girl.  Duh.
Movement: I swear I felt Baby Nerd move in the middle of the night last Thursday.  I couldn't sleep because I was in a foul mood over the way a teachers' meeting had gone earlier that afternoon.  While it was perfectly quiet and Michael was busy sawing them off, I laid my hands across my abdomen.  That's when I felt the slightest little knock on my abdominal wall.  It may have been a gas bubble, but I'd like to think it was our little girl.  :)
Sleep: This week's sleep has been just plain awful.
Belly Button In or Out: It looks like it's flattening out.
What I Miss: Being cold-natured.  Yeah, it sounds stupid, but I wake up sweaty and being outside in the heat is causing me much misery.  Field Day on Friday just wasn't the usual fun for me because I was so damn hot.
Cravings: Cheese, salty things, and salad.
  • The headaches finally arrived…and they lasted for days...
  • The acne may have died down a little, but it's leaving scar marks on my arms.
  • Seriously, the running out of toilet paper is getting on my nerves.  Someone should invent a never-ending roll just so that pregnant ladies won't have to change them after having to pee so much.
  • Still very itchy.  And I think I have a couple of stretch marks starting to show.  Ergh.
Managing the Stress: Gym time, venting time (to Britney at the gym), lots of eating time, staying home from work time (due to the headaches).
Worries: Other people's behavior influencing or affecting the success of our pregnancy.  No kidding--TWICE this week I've had drivers pull out in traffic in front of me because they failed to stop at a stop sign.  The second vehicle to do this was a tow truck.  I was cruising along at 65 with 4-5 cars behind me and 2 in the lane beside me when the dumbass tow truck driver decided he didn't want to make that complete stop.  What went through my mind as I was swerving to avoid hitting everyone as they're also swerving, laying on the VW's horn, and screaming obscenities?  An image of our car in a crumpled mess, and then me, lying in a hospital bed, receiving news that they were able to save my spleen, but not our baby.  Seriously, folks.  Be safe behind the wheel and think past yourselves when making driving decisions.  Thank goodness everyone came out of that situation safe, but you can only be "lucky" so many times when doing stupid things.
  • If that really was her kicking in the middle of the night--woohoo!
  • 5 more days of school, which puts us even closer to vacation.  Hello, American West!
  • Diane's husband, Eric, and our teammate, David, did an incredible act of kindness for me this week.  I had tried to move my super long bookcase from one side of my classroom to the other, making every attempt to squeeze it in between 2 glued-to-the-wall cabinets.  The bookcase was 1/16 of an inch too long.  Well, along came Eric and David with their manliness and carpentry skills, took the bookcase's end wall off, and notched it to fit the existing shelves without having to saw anything off.  It fit like a stinkin' glove.  I am blessed to have co-workers and co-workers' husbands who are nice enough to do such an involved task just because they wanted to help out a fellow human.
  • CRCT scores are in, and my class did a REALLY awesome job.  Words cannot express how proud I am of all my goobers.
Quotes of the Week:
  • This one isn't related to the pregnancy, but I thought it was hilarious.  At field day, one of my students was looking for me in the sea of red T-shirts that the entire 5th grade wore with pride.  When he finally found me, he exclaimed, "Mrs. Wynne!  It took me forever to find you.  You look just like one of the students!"  Yay for being 5'4".
  • From Michael when--while lying on the couch watching TV--I was trying to feel Baby Nerd: "Well, you have to realize.  She's half me, and I looooove to sleep.  She's going to be good at it like her dad."  


A. Hab. said...

Haha, so cute! I love the image of you pressing on your abdomen trying to feel her--and I'm with you. If it felt like a kick the other night, then it was definitely a kick. No question. ;)

Also, I am so glad you're safe from those harrowing driving experiences. That's really nerve-wracking. I wish everyone were a defensive driver rather than an ego-centric offensive driver. Be safe out there, Vik!

Marlene said...

You're finally showing! I'm so excited for you! :)


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