08 May 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 15

Sporting my new maternity britches.  Why can't all pants be this comfy?

How Far Along: 15 weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: The size of a navel orange.  Two weeks of citrus fruit comparisons in a row.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Somewhere between 6-8 pounds.  The waist has grown to 30.25 inches around--almost a 3-inch gain!  This would explain why I can't button any of my pants.
Maternity Clothes: Yes, finally!  I went to Motherhood Maternity at Georgia Square Mall yesterday afternoon to see if I could find any pants.  I came away with 2 pairs of cropped jeans, a pair of khaki capris, and 4 maternity tops that were too cute (and comfy) to refuse.  Before heading out to the grocery store, Michael noticed my new duds and commented on two things: 1) that the maternity jeans didn't hug my rear like all my other pairs and 2) that I'm now wearing "mom jeans".  Say that again, dear husband, and you might end up with a pair of mom jeans down your throat.
Baby-related Purchases: I only spent money on maternity clothes.  I'm contemplating starting a baby registry soon, though.
Gender: Still can't believe it's a girl!  Currently working on a name.
Movement: I don't feel any movement, but I had a dream that Michael and I could feel her moving by touching my abdomen.
Sleep: Sleep is best when spooning the Snoogle.  That pregnancy pillow is an answered prayer!
Belly Button In or Out: Can there be a half-way belly button?
What I Miss: Not getting worn out so easily.  We had a field trip on Wednesday and the 5th grade picnic on Friday.  The field trip had me coming home only to face-plant into our living room couch.  I slept almost the entire afternoon (only to be awoken by Michael who wanted to know what was for dinner).  After a full day in the warm sun, walking up and down hills, and photographing a billion 5th graders at the picnic, I chose to take my nap in the classroom before driving home.  I thought the 2nd trimester was supposed to come with energy boosts.  Now I'm REALLY worried about our road trip at the end of the month...
Cravings: Cheese still rules the day, but I'm doing my best to balance the diet.  We buy lots of fresh produce since our garden hasn't reached it's full potential yet.
  • My belly really itches!  It sees a lot of lotion nowadays.
  • The pregnancy acne made a return.  Argh.
  • I'm contemplating a Sam's Club membership just so I can buy toilet paper in mass quantities.  It seems every time I stand, I automatically have to pee.
  • Sheer exhaustion.
  • Growing, growing, growing...
Managing the Stress: Went to the gym, walked a lot during the field trip and picnic, had dinner one night with co-workers before a PTO meeting, watched a lot of "Sons of Anarchy"  on NetFlix (it's quickly made the top of my favorite TV shows list).
Worries: That I'm going to be the ruin of our anniversary trip out West.  Michael and I always plan a jam-packed vacation so that we cover a lot of ground and see as much as we can see.  My fear is that I'll be so tired, I'll flake out on activities on our itinerary or simply pass out every time we get in our rental car.

  • Having our pest control business (Wynne Pest Solutions) recognized at the last PTO meeting! A huge thanks to the brains behind it all--Robert Williamson--who came out to the meeting and put up with a bunch of us crazy teachers.
  • My friend, Katy, finally announced her pregnancy!  I'll explain in a separate post why this is such a big deal.  This was one of the celebrations I mentioned a few weeks back that was listed as a "secret", so I'm relieved the cat's out of the bag.
  • Having a huge family lunch with Michael's parents, Michael's sister's husband and 3 kids, and my mom yesterday afternoon.  We feasted on fajitas and corn chips at On the Border.  Yeah, that's my kind of cuisine.
  • We teachers received some really great news, too, but I have to wait to announce this one since a couple of my former students' parents are readers of my blog.  It may or may not have something to do with test scores…
  • 10 more days of school left.  Need I say more?

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A. Hab. said...

OMG, Vik, I can totally see your bump now! And, I don't know how common the itchy belly is, but my friend Monita who's pregnant (I mentioned her in an earlier comment...not by name, though) was complaining about an itchy belly during the beginnings of her second trimester, too. It's been a lot of fun to see both of your bodies change and grow. I don't know if this will happen to you, but Mo just popped one day. And I am not even joking. I would see her a few times a week, and then one week it was like "pop!" Baby bump! Perfectly round, too. So cute. Like she'd swallowed a cantaloupe whole. I think that happened around week 19 or so.

Also, I have to give a shout-out to Sam's Club. We've been members for a while now, and we love it. I'm not a huge fan of their meat products (the chicken breasts are a little bit too frighteningly huge for my tastes...), but I do love the prices on their paper products. I'm definitely planning to make use of their baby stuff when we throw Mo a baby shower this summer. Hello, diaper cake! ;)

I love these weekly updates! :)


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