27 May 2011

Nerd in Utero Project Goes on the Road

T minus 12 hours until our flight for Las Vegas leaves.  It will be Baby Nerd's first flight, although I'm sure she won't remember a thing about it.  We will be taking two of our posters on the road--Weeks 18 and 19.  Yes, this means no posting of any updates until we get back, BUT the photos of the belly bump will be taken near some very memorable landmarks.

It will also be our first long trip away from Mojo.  He's been rather mopey these last few days, using that canine ESP to try and anticipate what's to come.  Last year's vacation was to the Florida panhandle, and we were fortunate enough to find a beach house that permitted pets in the rental agreement.  Mojo doesn't do so well on car rides.  Poor sap has to practically be tranquilized, otherwise it's Vomit City for him (and our vehicle's interior).  This time, he will be on his own mini-vacation with my friend and co-worker, Tamela, who is a dog whisperer if I've ever known one.  Her dogs are sure to whip Mo into shape.  He could use a little boot camp since he graduated well over a year ago from obedience school.  While washing everything in the house yesterday (including the bed sheets), Mojo made himself a napping nest from my Snoogle and our bed's comforter.  The photo below may be a little dark and grainy, but it captures our mutt getting caught in his temporary bed.

"Uh, I found your Snoogle.  I thought you might want a little Eau de Mojo on it since I'm not allowed in the bed."

We did have another ultrasound this past Monday, so I will leave you with a few images of Baby Nerd.  It was a little frustrating that our doctor came an hour and fifteen minutes past our scheduled appointment time, yet he was in surgery with another woman who was having a baby.  This reassures me that when our big moment of delivery happens, he will be the one to help welcome her into the world.  Even after being so late, he still took his time examining everything concerning Baby Nerd: bone lengths, kidneys, heartbeat, belly size (hers, not mine), brain lobes.  He studied every angle of our baby as if she was his own.  He was also just as fascinated as we were staring at the screen, as if it was his first time seeing an ultrasound.  Again--frustrating to have to wait, but totally worth the treatment and bedside manner of a doctor who honestly wants to take care of you.

This is from the top of her head looking down.  Both of her arms are up and her hands are next to her ears.

She gave us a little wave.

She also mooned us.  Her butt is rather cute, though.  Her feet tucked underneath look a bit large.

Yeah, she does curls.  That's why her bicep is so well-defined.

She wouldn't look directly at us since she's face-down, but she looks quite cozy in there!
Here we go on radio silence for a couple of weeks!  If we happen to catch a chance at free internet, I may do a quick post.  But the Nerd in Utero Project updates will have to wait until our return.  Much love to everyone.  Enjoy the beginnings of your summers!

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