18 April 2011

Sexier Legs from Your Kitchen? Try This Salt Scrub

When some of my girlfriends were learning how to shave their legs in 5th grade, I became jealous.  My mom wasn't going to teach me the ways of the razor until I was at least a 6th grader.  This was most likely due to the fact that I'm naturally a klutz, and the thought of dragging a sharp object across my knobby knees gave her visions of trips to the emergency room.  Still, I didn't care.  I just wanted smooth legs like all the other girls.  I wanted my rite of passage.

And got it, I did…along with the an awful case of razor burn.  Now, my 6th grade definition of "awful" would be a bump here and there around my thighs.  As I got older, the level of "awful" has gone from "I can deal with this" to "people are going to think I have chicken pox on my bikini line".  So I tried a variety of things to deal with the break-outs after shaving: richer shaving creams, more expensive razors, thicker lotions, lidocaine sprays, scrubbing with a loofah.  While some combinations worked, I would still deal with bumps and irritated hair follicles.

Winter time became my gams' favorite time of year.  I wouldn't be subjecting them to the punishment of the razor more than once or twice a week when pants and knee-high socks would hide any growth.  But when summer time rolls around, my legs begin begging for mercy: "You don't really have to wear that jersey knit skirt, do you?"  What was worse: going to the beach and donning a bikini.  I literally have to shave every day in this scenario.  It was either offend fellow beach bums with an embarrassing bikini line or blind them with pink on white contrast of my razor burn.  I chose the latter.  Yet, I noticed that every time I went to the beach, just being out in the sand and salt water seemed to ease the spreading rash that ran from my hips to my knees.  So I got an idea.

I turned to my kitchen pantry for a do-it-yourself salt scrub remedy for razor burn.  Here's what I use:

Extra virgin olive oil and kosher salt.

I use a wide-mouthed screw-top Ziploc container to store the scrub in my shower.
I pour a layer of salt into the container (about a third of the container), and then follow with the olive oil.  You don't have to mix it, but I do anyway.  The layer of oil usually sits higher than the salt, which is fine because--truth be told--you'll lose some in the transfer from container to application onto your legs.  You can keep a small scoop in the container (like from your Folger's coffee), or just apply by hand.  When I shower with the intention of shaving, I scoop out enough scrub to concentrate on my upper thighs and bikini area.  The salt dissolves, but the olive oil leaves a lubricant layer on your legs that help your razor glide across your skin with more ease.  Even after your shave, you can still feel the olive oil's effects on your skin.  Your skin is velvety smooth and shines brighter.

  • It's a natural exfoliant, and because it dissolves as you rub it around, you don't over-exfoliate.
  • It's healing.  You hair follicles that normally are red and irritated from razor burn will have a chance to relax.  It is also said that salt is a great treatment for psoriasis.
  • It's easy to come by.  And it's cheap!
  • It has a larger grain than table salt, so it doesn't dissolve as quickly.  Sea salts could be used if you can tolerate the sheer size of the grains.
  • It's more aromatic than the other olive oils.
  • It holds in skin moisture without clogging pores.
  • Its antioxidants and vitamins help slow the process of aging.
  • It's unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
So there you have it: an easy make-at-home salt scrub that will ease your razor burn and make you more confident to wear your bikini beyond the confines of the dressing room at Target.  I have used this remedy for the last 4 or 5 years and love it every time I use it.  And because it's something you can make, you can forget about those $15-20 containers of scrubs from Bath and Body Works that are made with alcohol and fragrances that will only worsen your dermatitis!  Give it a whirl and let me know how you like it.

PS--If you're a bottle tanner, like me, this is the perfect scrub to keep your knees and ankles from looking darker than the rest of your legs!


A. Hab. said...

I love this idea, Vik! I'm going to give it a try and let you know what I think. I have literally tried everything else (especially the expensive stuff that's marketed for bikini zone usage). Does your razor burn itch? I'm always itchy, but it's a devil not to scratch...and then, if I were to give in to temptation, I'm afraid I'd look like a monkey. Or a man. ;)

V-Dub said...

Hey A. Hab! Yes, my razor burn almost always itches, especially if I get overheated or sweaty. I've noticed that using this scrub cuts down on the itchiness because your follicles aren't swollen and your pores aren't clogged. I also experience far fewer infected follicles when using the scrub. So excited you're going to try it! Good luck!

A. Hab. said...

I tried it last night. I LOVE IT! :D Thanks for the idea, Vik! It's perfect. By this time on a normal "day after," I'd be red and itchy and generally uncomfortable. But not today! It looks great and feels super soft and smooth. I used regular sea salt rather than kosher (it's all I had), and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I tend to like those grittier scrubs anyway. And I ended up taking a little bit of olive oil after shaving and just smoothed it over my skin, just for an extra little boost. (I did rinse off the excess, although I chose to forego additional soap since I figured that would just dry out my skin and undo everything the oil had done.)

This is awesome. I'm going to post about this to my blog tomorrow, with a link back to your blog of course! :) Thanks again for the great (and cost-efficient) idea!

Em said...

Mrs. V-Dub, I'd just like to very very belatedly say how much I love your blog, and love how it makes me feel connected to you even though you are so far away. Look at this.. you're still giving me big sisterly tips on skin care, and sharing the joys and concerns of your pregnancy. I love it! I'm sorry that I didn't do better with the academy thing, too.. I'll keep it in mind, if I ever get a dull moment.


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