30 April 2011

Nerd in Utero Project: Week 14

In honor of this week's news, we made our poster pink.  This is about as "princessy" as it gets with me.

How Far Along: 14 weeks, 4 days
Size of Baby: The size of a lemon.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Somewhere between 6-8 pounds.  It's packing on faster than I anticipated.
Maternity Clothes: Still not quite, but I can't button my jeans anymore and I had to buy a bigger belt.  Oh, and I bought 2 more B-cup bras.  Thank goodness for Target's $8 bras.
Baby-related Purchases: I haven't bought anything with my own money, but check out our first baby gifts:
Our very first baby present from our friends Damon and Jessica.  Jess said she couldn't resist buying baby clothes once she heard the news.  It blows our minds that a human will fit into these clothes.

These are on lend from our friends Robert and Sandra who have an almost-3-year-old named Maelee.  The infant seat will save us a bunch of money.  And our daughter is sure to look darling in the Braves get-up when we take her to her first game.

Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: I can't feel her move, but we sure saw a lot of movement on the ultrasound.
Sleep: Haven't had as much nap time lately, but I do fall asleep around 9:00 every night.  I'm used to an 11:00 bed time.
Belly Button In or Out: It's attempting to make its way out.
What I Miss: After going to our friend Heather's wine tasting party last night, I really miss wine, and I'm not even a huge fan of wine.  I had a sip of 3 different kinds of wine out of Dixie paper cups, and they were amazing.
Cravings: I just want to stuff my face 24/7.  My grocery list keeps growing each week because I run out of snack foods so much faster these days.
  • Peeing…it pretty much rules my life.
  • A little heartburn here and there.
  • An expanding waist and bust line.
  • Very tired and wanting to have more of those scheduled naps.
  • My skin is starting to itch around my belly and my boobs.  I assume that means my skin is stretching.
Managing the Stress: Let's see…I did one night at the gym (shameful, I know), and we worked in the yard and planted lots of seed.  I've also allowed myself to sleep a little later in the mornings, including work days.  :)
Worries: That the doc was actually punking us when he announced the baby's sex.  Will Ashton Kutcher appear from behind the sonogram machine at our next appointment?

  • Finding out our baby is HEALTHY and that it's a GIRL!  We can finally use feminine pronouns.
  • Announcing to our parents that they were going to have a granddaughter--through a delivery of pink flowers.
  • Watching the royal wedding of Will and Kate while pregnant, just as my mom watched the wedding of Charles and Diana while pregnant with me!
  • We had a cook-out with Jessica (Damon's car went kaput, so he had to fix it) to watch the last episode of "The Office" with Michael Scott's character.  We had steak, salmon, fresh corn, mashed potatoes, and salad (most of which was cut from the garden).  It was a fun evening.
  • I took our next-door neighbor's daughter, Ariana, out to lunch to celebrate her 10th birthday.  We ate at the finest chicken restaurant on God's green earth: Chik-fil-A.
  • My brother, who has been in Savannah since last August, has accepted a job in Alpharetta and starts soon!  He'll be much closer to home, which will give him the chance to see his niece more often after she makes her world debut this fall.
  • I received my first Mother's Day card--from A. Hab and her husband!  I didn't realize there were cards designed for mothers-to-be, but that's exactly what she found.  It absolutely made my day.  Even better than the card: the fact that she and her hubs were safe after the tornadoes hit near them in Alabama.
Favorite Quote of the Week:  While my students were packing up to catch their buses 2 afternoons ago, one of my boys (a sweetie from Honduras who can name all 44 American presidents in order without taking a breath) looks over at me and says, "Mrs. Wynne, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're getting kind of big."  He slung his bag over his shoulder and braced himself for a verbal lashing.  I giggled and replied, "I'm supposed to get bigger.  If I didn't, then that means the baby isn't growing."  He then proceeded to wipe the "sweat" from his brow, relieved he hadn't offended me.

PS--Keep those in the South in your thoughts and prayers after these devastating tornadoes ripped through the land and killed over 300.  There are families without homes, students without schools, individuals without their creature comforts.  It makes you incredibly grateful for what you have when you witness such an awful disaster.  And bless those who are volunteering their efforts in relief work in the hardest-hit areas.

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A. Hab. said...

Haha, I'm so glad you liked the card! I was doing some Mother's Day shopping the other day, and I was really thrilled to see mothers-to-be cards. :) It's so absolutely perfect. Why should you wait until the baby is born to celebrate Mother's Day? Lord knows you're mothering that baby already! ;) (You know...feeding her, letting her sleep a lot...buying her cute new outfits from Target... ;))

Thanks again for your sweet words. :) We're so grateful that we didn't suffer nearly as much (or at all!) as others around us have. Yesterday, Robert and I did the best we could and bought a pack of bottled water, some men's underwear, and women's underwear from Sam's Club. It wasn't much, and certainly not as much as other folks (one guy in front of us had a flatbed full of bottled water!), but we gave what we could. And we hope it will help someone who's in a worse-off condition than we are. We're so grateful that we even had a store to shop in.

If anyone is in Alabama and donating, please remember that a lot of the people who have lost their homes (and even some who have kept their homes) are without electricity...which also means they're out of clean water. So bottled water is a key donation, in addition to clean clothing (particularly socks and underwear). There are a lot of people who have been left with the clothes on their backs. If you are not in a place to give, then prayers are absolutely appropriate and plenty. :) Thanks, Vik, for keeping us in your prayers. We really appreciate it. I know it warms my heart. :)


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