26 April 2011

Boy or Girl: The Big Reveal!

Yesterday was the big day, and we were 2 days shy of being 14 weeks pregnant!  I had to remind myself that we may not find out the sex of our baby and that I would be fine with that sort of news if it came to that.  At the very least, the doctor would tell us if everything looked normal and if we were clear of any signs of Down's syndrome.

As before, I hopped up on the table and braced myself for any and all news.  I had been amazed at the tiny peanut Baby Nerd was at 7 weeks, but I knew we would see limbs and facial features at this visit.  Here's a little of what we saw:

You can see the top of Baby Nerd's head and right arm.  Look at those FINGERS!!!

We have a nasal bone and normal neuchal fold.  No sign of Down's.

In 3-D, Baby Nerd told us to "rock on".  This gave Michael a huge laugh.

Seeing our baby--and such a normal, healthy one--was incredible.  I'd like to say I was rendered speechless, but I was the annoying mother-to-be on the table repeatedly saying, "Look at that!" and "Holy cow, is that its ear?" and "There's the heart just beating away!"  I wanted to eat that moment with a spoon.

Then, the moment of truth.  The doc poked around my abdomen with his magic wand, and Baby Nerd's legs sprawled like frog legs.  Within the first 5 seconds of looking for "parts", the doctor could tell.  Yet, instead of just coming right out and saying what we're having, here's a photo of the proud grandmother getting her flowers at work today:

My mom with her bouquet!  Notice the PINK?

That's right, folks!  We're having a GIRL!

Surprised?  ;)

Yeah, we were surprised, too, but not at all disappointed.  What had been a low heartbeat at the 7-week visit (in the 120s) was now at 165 bpm.  So between seeing the girl parts and hearing that fast heart rate, all 3 of us in that room were certain it was a girl.

I thought finding out the baby's sex would have me in tears on the table, but they didn't come until after Michael and I walked out to our vehicles.  We hugged and kissed over our happy news, and then he exclaimed, "What am I going to do with a girl?  I mean, I have to give her away one day."

Bring on the waterworks.

Through misty eyes, I looked at my husband and reassured him, "I'm not real sure about how to handle raising a little girl either, but you're going to have such a wonderful daddy-daughter relationship with her.  That's a relationship that's incredibly special, one that I had and then lost.  You're going to be a great father to our little girl."

When we arrived home, we promptly ordered our flowers and then spent the rest of the night thwarting texted requests from friends to tell them what we were having.  There were promises of not telling and even a little name-calling (love you, Brittany!), but my mom (as well as my in-laws) was going to have this little victory come hell or high water.  And as you can tell from the picture, she's one happy grandmother.


Amanda Jones said...


Melissa said...

Woohoooo!!!!! I said "what are we going to do with a girl?!?" too but I'll tell you what you do with a girl...you love her and cry over her and make Michael workout a lot so he can beat off the boys til she's at least 30. :) SO excited for you guys ad can't wait to buy you something pink!!!!

TURBOchic said...

YAY for girls! But I have to say Boys are way better;) Clothing shopping will be so much fun! So many cute choices!

MNicoleM said...

:-) Not so good with the word-coming-up-with stuff at this moment but I'm so happy for you!!!

A. Hab. said...

Congratulations, Vik (and Michael too, of course!)!! It's so funny how you were confident you were having a boy, lol. I guess sometimes our instincts might be a tad off, particularly with the first baby. ;) Seriously, though, I'm thrilled for you guys. Michael will do just great with a little girl. She's one of the luckiest girls in the world! :) (And cute, to boot!)


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