01 February 2011

My Smiling Ovaries

I love digital OPKs!

Lo and behold, I CAN ovulate, folks!  It says so right here on this digital contraption.  My ovaries must be smiling today despite the cold, gloomy weather.  Thanks to great girlfriends who have been looking out for me through our frustration by recommending this reliable and easy-to-read OPK.  I will continue to use it for monitoring until we either get pregnant, or I run out of eggs.

So now I'm thinking that the papers that need grading will have to wait a little while.  An item on my to-do list has been moved to the very top.



TURBOchic said...


A. Hab. said...

Haha! Yes, yes, reprioritize, missy! ;) I'm glad to see a smiley face on that OPK reader!


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