11 February 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy…of fellow bloggers

A bit cheesy-looking, but I like cheese.

What a fun way to be honored!  Earlier this evening, a fellow blogger of mine "awarded" me with the Memestastic Award.  Not entirely sure what it means, but I'm honored all the same.  You see, the gal pal who passed the balloons-and-shooting-stars badge onto me is one I have known since the 2nd grade.  We met in ballet class and danced in tutus for three years.  Then we traded in our pink leather slippers for the much cooler suede-soled jazz shoes during our 5th grade year.  We shared in a lot of memories and horrifying recital costumes (the one we danced in for jazz was a black body leotard covered in bright orange flames).  Sadly, between our 6th and 7th grade years, our county redistricted the school system's neighborhood boundary lines.  We lived less than 2 miles apart, yet we never went to the same school again.  Today, she is a PhD student at Auburn University, proving to the world that her writing is worth way more than a damn.  I fully expect her to be a bestselling author one day.  Kismet (read: Facebook) brought us back together after years of not seeing each other.  What's really funny, though, is that we have similar blogger identities.  She's A. Hab (her first name is Amanda, and "Hab" are the first 3 letters of her married last name).  Most of you know the story behind mine: V. Dub.

See why I'm honored?  :)

The future A. Hab and V. Dub in 1992 before our final recital of our ballet careers.  We pirouetted to John Phillip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever". 

With this award, I am required to fulfill certain duties.  They are as follows:

  • link back to the blogger who gave you the nod
  • link the post back to jillsmo, the creator of the award
  • display the Mematastic graphic on your blog
  • post 5 items about yourself, BUT 4 of them must be lies (and I'm soooo bad at lying…)
  • pass the award on to 5 other bloggers who must follow these rules

Here we go on the mix of falsies and truths.  Post in the comments section your guesses at what's real and what's not:
  1. The only surgery I ever had was when the docs removed my appendix.  The scar is hidden by the crevices of my innie belly button.
  2. Out of all the items I collect, I am most proud of my stamp collection.  Little pieces of history on perfectly scallop-edged squares…
  3. The boat my grandparents named after me was a pontoon they called "The Sick Vik".  Since I always got sick while on board and I was their only granddaughter, they thought the name was hilarious.
  4. When I was 12, I hated my "Cindy Crawford" mole so much, I had my dermatologist remove it from my upper lip.  I didn't think it could happen, but the damned thing grew back.
  5. I once went streaking.  It took place in the dorms of a south-Georgia town at the end of a very emotional summer job.  The streaking last all of 10 seconds.

Awww, you better recognize!  Here are the blogs I have chosen to receive the coveted confetti badge.  I bid you happy reading.  You won't regret it.
  1. Teaching Ain't For Heroes: I stumbled on this blog through the BlogHer network.  The author is a young woman who teaches freshmen in the Bluegrass state.  She has a refreshing candor about the politicking side of education.  When I read her posts, I feel as if she may have been my twin and we were separated at birth.  We have extremely similar perspectives on what we THOUGHT being an educator would be and what it ACTUALLY is.  She writes with the hope that the dark side will be bright again.
  2. still thinking…again: This was another "stumble upon" blog.  One of the first times I sat down to write about our issues with fertility, I surfed the net for an image that captured my feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated.  Her blog had what I was searching for: an egg about to crack.  She has endured a long journey in trying to conceive.  The way she writes about her experiences with hormone injections and "what the hell" moments keep me coming back for her next post.
  3. The Epitome of Us: This is the only blog on the list written by a married couple!  Jason and Laura are two of the cutest, sweetest people you'll ever meet.  The metaphorical glove on the hand couldn't have a better fit than these two.  They are new to the blogosphere, showing the world their love for music, food, DIY projects, and life in general.
  4. From the Eastern Edge: The author of this blog is someone I met when we worked together at GHP one summer.  She's young, ridiculously intelligent, and she's tasting the life of living abroad.  I followed her posts when she lived in Italy, and now I enjoy reading about her life teaching English in Japan.  She has traveled more places than I'll probably ever dream of, so I live vicariously through her.
  5. Feels Like Home Now: I gave this girl kudos in my post about making your own detergent.  She writes about her life of being a mom, an educator, and a do-it-yourselfer.  She even shows her readers how easy it is to incorporate "green" acts into your everyday life.  Her attitude is positive and her outlook realistic.  I've been taking notes from her site.  She has taught me so much already!

There you have it!  Have fun trying to figure out the "truth" from the list and enjoying some new reading material.  Take in some sun this weekend.  We all need a little vitamin D.


Rachael said...

I think the boat one is true. At least I hope so because it is awesome

TURBOchic said...

I remember that flaming leotard! And I remember being totally jealous! Mine that year was black with neon "ribbons," which made me feel like a box of fruit loops.

A. Hab. said...

Aw, look at those cute little girls! :) I didn't notice before that our nicknames shared that in common! Lol, I am not very observant. Also, I can't believe you remembered the song we danced to all those years ago--I completely forgot. I remember there was a bit (one of those years...) where we were put into trios and had to cross our arms and hold hands and do a little curtsey-thing across the stage. Do you remember that? Lol. I remember best our short careers as jazz dancers. Those were some sexy sexy costumes they put us in, I just think we should mention. One of the first CDs I bought was the single "Pump Up the Jam" so that I could practice our routine at home.

Oh gosh...and I just can't guess what's a truth and what's a lie.... I'm going to take a risk and guess the appendix surgery? Oh dear. I'm embarrassed that I don't know for sure!

Thanks for your sweet words and for sharing the photo--I love that picture of us! :)

Katie said...

You are so cute!! Thanks so much for the recognition. Can't wait to post on this and pass on the love!!! :):)


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