16 January 2011

Going Digital Next Month! (If There is a "Next Month")

Thanks to the research and advice of a couple of very intelligent girlfriends who read my blog (Nicole and Lili), I will be going digital next month!  Forget the OPKs with their stupid pink lines.  This OPK will give me a smiley face when I ovulate!  Doesn't get any clearer than that.  Of course, it means I actually have to ovulate in order to get a smiley, but at least I'll have a kit that won't leave any room for interpretation of a line's color saturation.  Hooray for digital!

Dummy-proof OPKS do exist!  Found this one at Target.

PS--I am supposed to find out tomorrow if the Femara increased my progesterone levels.  It's teetered around the 6-7 range, yet it needs to be somewhere around 12.  Think high hormones for me!

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