13 July 2010

Serendipity at Goodwill?

I met up at the school with two of my co-workers/girlfriends today so that we could carpool to lunch.  Nothing like a couple of hours with fellow females to catch up on your summer and admit your anxiety for the upcoming school year.  Since Melody married just weeks before, she had to run by the central office on the way to lunch to perform her name-changing duties.  But when the person in charge wasn't there, Jodie suggested we kill time at Goodwill and return to the central office after lunch.  We had a good 30 minutes before we were to meet up with our third friend, Lynn, for our official lunch date.

With us being teachers, the three of us searched for cheap books to stock our classroom shelves.  All children's books were less than $2 apiece.  I racked up on several classics for my soon-to-be-5th-grade-classroom.  Melody picked up a few, too, and threw in a video on animal adaptations.

We walked around to the row of books for adults.  Novels, self-help, cooking, references, textbooks.  Jodie struck gold when she found a new copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association that she needed for graduate school for $1.50.  When I bought the same book for my undergrad psychology classes, I paid nearly $70.  Damn lucky girl to get such a deal.

I continued to explore the rows of books.  They were in such disarray, I felt I had a better chance of winning $50 on a lottery scratch off ticket than finding a book I wanted.  I happened upon Frank McCourt's classic Angela's Ashes, so I added it to my stack.  Slackonomics piqued my interest.  The stack grew.

And then some freakish version of serendipity occurred right there in the Winder Goodwill.  I recognized the trademark black-and-yellow paperback binding: Fertility for Dummies.  Consider it bought.

I didn't walk into the store with the intention to buy such a book, but I ended up walking out with it in my collection.  Empowering myself with knowledge is something I've always done with subjects beyond my understanding.  Even though I have already done research and consulted my doctor for advice, the knowledge behind getting pregnant should be no different.

Thanks for the trip to Goodwill, Jodie and Mel!

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