13 February 2010

Snow is Welcome on Furlough Days

Here's Mojo enjoying his first snow day. He had the best time running through it, putting his face deep into the drifts, and digging it up. Maybe in another life he was a sled dog.

The snow couldn't have come at a better time. It fell on 12 Feb., which was a furlough day for me. I also was feeling much better after having been ill with strep throat earlier in the week. We also have plenty of firewood in our woodstack, so I kept the fireplace roaring for several hours while the snow kept falling. The only downside to the whole day was the fact that Michael was scheduled to work--and hospitals don't get snow days. Mojo passed out in front of the fire rather early, so I entertained myself by snapping a few pictures of the snow and watching the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies.

Sadly, the snow is melting much too quickly today. Patches of grass and troughs of red clay are visible from our upstairs office, and I'm disappointed the magic of this winter affair won't last through the holiday weekend. At least we did get to experience it once this season. I feel that if winter is going to be cold, a good snow, or even ice storm, should come out of it. With spring just a few weeks away, now Michael and I can focus our efforts on our garden again.

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