27 April 2009

A Classroom Poem

I don't usually write 2 days in a row on this blog, but my students wrote a classroom poem today that I had to share. Before you read it, you should know they have been learning about poetry for only a week, and today was the first day back from our spring break. The topic: where you can find inspiration for poetry. Let me know what you think of my young writers.

Where Our Poetry Hides
Some poetry hides in jazzy songs
Other poetry hides in our classroom's colorful books
Lots of poetry is hidden in an energetic sport at recess
It can be found in our plastic container full of glossy magazines
You can find it in friendly conversations or in the working computers
It may even hide deep inside your heart, your head, or under your fingernails
You can discover poetry when you can't think of anything at all
Our favorite place to find hidden poetry is in every science experiment

I'm one very proud teacher! They came up with the ideas, and I helped them find the adjectives they wanted to use to make their poem more interesting. We refer to descriptive language as "chocolaty" or "chocolate words," and lackluster language is called "Brussels sprouty." Wouldn't you rather "eat up" chocolate as opposed to Brussels sprouts?

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