29 December 2008

900 Projects Down, A Million More To Go

We're finally homeowners! Michael and I moved into our new house at the end of October. The home-improvement projects never seem to end: painting walls, cleaning carpets, polishing the hardwood floors, replacing anything that's broken or damaged, installing shelves. Even though these projects take up a lot of our time and energy, we have enjoyed every minute of it. We took a few shots in front of our house for our Christmas card.

There are times when we feel as if we're "playing house" or on vacation, and that the previous owners will show up at our front door, wanting their home back. I know that owning a home isn't really a vacation. It just seems that we've achieved that quintessential American dream, and I can't believe that we are actually living it, especially in these difficult economic times. Michael and I count our blessings every day: for our jobs, our home, our health, our family, and for one another.

We had the chance to entertain Michael's family a couple of weeks ago for an early Christmas. Michael's parents, sister, and her husband and children all came. I love playing hostess and the fact that Michael has a large family, so I was estatic about the opportunity. We had a big lunch, and afterwards opened presents. It's always entertaining to watch kids open gifts. Our nephews, Matthew and Jay, wanted to play or use every gift they opened. They were hilarious! They also enjoyed playing in our yard. I had the chance to teach them how to blow dandelions (yes, there are weeds in the yard). The boys probably spit more than they blew on the delicate flowers. Yet, they had such a great time in their learning experience, they picked every dandelion they could find. We also played hide-and-seek in the closests upstairs. I had forgotten how much I liked playing that game when I was little.
My winter break from work will be over in a few days. The school year is halfway through already. Shoot, it's almost the 2009! I look forward to the change that's to come and for the chance to start fresh with a few resolutions. Best wishes to everyone. :)

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