01 August 2008

My response to an editorial

So I read a very funny editorial today about Crocs (yes, those silly rubber shoes, and I couldn't get past some of the atrocious things people posted on the message board. Here's a link to the article:


Here's what I posted on the message board:

To those of you who think debates such as this are a waste of time, I don't think you caught on to the journalist's jocular writing voice. Mr. Tuttle obviously wrote this piece to stir the water a little and make us think about yet another fad that has a tight grasp on our minds and wallets.
Think back to any past fad. You could probably name a few and even express regret for pouring money into at least one of them: Doc Martens, pacifier necklaces, slap braclets, slouch socks, Ugg boots, Starter jackets. I could go on, but you get the point.

This editorial is also meant for entertainment. A movie is a form of entertainment, yet you would pay to see it after reading its title and watching a few commercials on it. You have this thing called a brain that helps you decide if you even want to make the effort to go and see it. If after seeing it, it doesn't entertain you, you're out $9. With this piece of writing, your brain told you what it would be about based on its title, and then you made the decision whether you would read it. If you weren't entertained, no big deal. You're out several minutes of your day. La-de-freaking-da, not the end of the world.

If Mr. Tuttle offended you, then you need to get a life. Many published works are meant to push your buttons and test your debating skills, and this piece is a great conversation starter safe for ANY group of your peers. It's even safe to discuss at work because it's free of politics!

If your Crocs honestly make you happy and you completely disagree with Mr. Tuttle's words, then be the bigger person and quit taking personal jabs at him AND his son. What adult with a sound mind (ahem, "nicca") thinks they have the right to call another person's son an ass?

Sure, there are awful things going on in the world around us: war, drug use, street violence, abuse and neglect. But some of the hateful words that I have read on this message board are quite offensive and can have a powerful influence over the children that some of you might have. What's worse: telling your kids your opinion on a pair of brightly-colored rubber shoes, or that it's OK to pass negative and demeaning judgment publically on someone you have never met?

I wonder if my mom would be proud...

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