30 July 2008

The summer's end...

What the heck happened to my summer? Before it began, I thought I had lots of time--that is, once I married my college sweetheart. Now I only have a week left before I go back to work. Before pre-planning, I will have to unpack all my classroom materials and set up my classroom. So much to be done, and all without air conditioning until next Thursday.

But seriously, I figured without a job at GHP this summer that I would have all this free time on my hands and the chance to do something new--take cooking classes, volunteer at a shelter or hospital, learn kickboxing. Instead, my summer was filled with all kinds of fun activities that kept me busy! Aside from my own bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon, there were friends out of town to visit, engagement and dinner parties to attend, family to dine with, summer school students to watch over, wedding presents to open, and patio vegetables to tend to.

Since I'm a teacher now, I will always have these summers to fill with various activities.

I have been looking over my upcoming schedule for the school year, trying to make sure Michael and I have all the events on our calendar that are most important--weddings, births, holidays. There are so many happy events we have to get excited about! On top of those (and me being in a new school system), we're still looking for a house. Moving into a new home has the potential to throw a kink into the schedule, even though buying a home is the next step in our lives.

With the holidays and breaks I'll have coming up, I have free time within the school year to plan some mini-adventures. I actually get an entire week off in October...and then another week in April! Looks like I get to do some camping.

Anyone want to recommend a hiking backpack for such adventures?

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